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My boyfriend went through my phone!
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I went through my boyfriend’s phone and found something!

I went through my boyfriend’s phone and found something!

Everyone does something they regret once in a while. Going through your boyfriend’s phone could be that thing. Trust is an essential component of every relationship, and when you go through your boyfriend’s phone, trust tends to be broken both ways – you break his trust, and if you find anything that suggests he hasn’t … Continue reading “I went through my boyfriend’s phone and found something!”

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How long do rebound relationships last on average?

How long do rebound relationships last on average?

Heartbreaks can be terrible, and since humans have the universal need for love and affection, rebound relationships are one of the ways of adapting – they begin before one completely heals from a heartbreak whether from a breakup or divorce. Rebound relationships are especially common amongst persons that were in a long-term relationship and can’t … Continue reading “How long do rebound relationships last on average?”

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When a man treats you badly

When a man treats you badly

Sometimes, relationships become more stressful than beautiful. You fall in love with someone, decide to start dating them and everything proceeds beautifully before you start noticing signs that make you uncomfortable. You’re not sure what the problem is but are not entirely comfortable with the relationship. You’re sure that it is not physical abuse but … Continue reading “When a man treats you badly”

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When a Woman is Silent

When a Woman is Silent

Many people would admit that they don’t like to be around people who talk too much. But try being around someone who doesn’t talk at all. While being silent is not always a bad thing, if a woman suddenly goes unusually quiet, it may be due to some of these reasons. She’s done something she’s … Continue reading “When a Woman is Silent”

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My boyfriend doesn’t trust me

My boyfriend doesn’t trust me

The importance of trust in any relationship cannot be overemphasized. Relationships where both parties trust each other healthily grow and develop into long-lasting bonds. However, trust doesn’t come readily for some people, and that could be the case for your boyfriend. When your boyfriend doesn’t trust you, the relationship will most probably become strained. You … Continue reading “My boyfriend doesn’t trust me”

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What to Do When You Feel Insecure in a Relationship

What to Do When You Feel Insecure in a Relationship

• Don’t let feelings of insecurity or past life experiences negatively affect your perceptions, thoughts or behavior towards your partner, especially those that can damage his/her trust in you. Learn to recognize when your resentments, jealousy or suspicions are unfounded (distancing yourself from drama queens/kings would be a good start) – don’t worry about things … Continue reading “What to Do When You Feel Insecure in a Relationship”

Is He Insecure or Not Interested?
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