How to propose to a girl

You meet an amazing girl and are sure you want to be with her. You can’t shake off the feeling that what you share with her is completely genuine just like what she feels for you and want to take things one step further by proposing her. Now, you need all the information you can get on proposing a girl and the entire planning process. We have tailored this article to cater for your need. We will be sharing ideas that apply to a majority of women. As much as you just simply want her to say yes to the proposal, a proposal is a major life occurrence for women, and they cherish the moment forever. So you need to properly plan and execute the proposal.

Find out what she likes

She must have shared ideas with you about how she would love the proposal in the past, and if you can’t remember any, you can seek the help of other persons close to her. From what she likes, create a special moment and propose her. Incorporate as much of the things you remember to create a very special moment for the both of you.

Aim for intimacy

It is important to be able to include intimacy as you propose a girl. Create the ambience and give her a romantic proposal she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. No matter the type of proposal you decide to go with, you should ensure that the element of intimacy is not substituted for something else.

Be yourself

As much as you want her to have the best proposal, you also want to propose her in all sincerity: being true to yourself and her is a major element of a proposal. In spite of all the planning, when the sincerity of the purpose is lost, the proposal tends to lose its spark.

Thus, it is important to, in the time leading to the proposal, remind yourself of what an amazing girl she is which is why you got to the point of proposing. This is important to be yourself and propose her from the sincerity of your heart so that the planning and executing of the proposal isn’t just you going through the motions.

You should also prepare to pour your heart out in its depths to her. She probably wouldn’t hear everything you say because of the excitement but every part she hears and remembers should hit the mark.

Include memories from your relationship so far.

Include memories from your journey so far into the proposal. These memories could be in different forms: pictures, songs and, if possible, recreation of scenarios. Memories from moments you were both very happy to not so amazing memories blended together will make a great combination.

Get her a gift

A gift symbolizes love and is one more way you can show your affection for the girl you are proposing. There’s no specification for this gift in terms of cost and size. As long as it is something she can cherish for a while. You could also watch out for things she particularly needs in the time leading to the proposal and them for her.

When proposing a girl, you should aim for intimacy, serenity and honesty as they make any proposal beautiful.

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