How to tell if a girl is using you

Are you unsure about your woman’s feelings for you?

Is that woman really into you in the first place?

Do you have a tiny hunch that your gal is only using you?

Find out from these tips on HOW TO TELL IF A GIRL IS USING YOU:

She does not introduce you to friends and family. When she does, she refers to you as a friend.

If she does not bring up anything about her friends and family, then clearly, she does not want you near them. This plainly means that you’re not that important to her to even bother to introduce you to them. She might not want to let them know about you because she considers you as his temporary guy. When there are inevitable instances when the two of you cross paths with her relative or friend, she sadly introduces you as her guy friend. If this has been going on for a while, then chances are she’s just using you for some reason. Maybe she just wants love and affection, or a man’s attention. Why would she hide you from people she personally knows if she is really into you? This is something that you should not allow to keep going. Either confront her or leave her.

She openly demands pricey things and acts out when she does not get what she wants.

Most women would just drop hints to you about the things they want to receive as gifts. Usually, these hints are just subtle techniques to get you a clue about what they really like. However, when a woman is very vocal and upfront about her demands, especially when everything she fancies have hefty price tags, that’s a problem. Now, your woman could just be used to a lavish lifestyle. But if she pushes you away or gets upset every single time you do not give her the things she desires, then that raises a red flag about her intentions about your relationship. She could only be after your money. If you continuously give in to her material wishes, she’s going to rob you empty!

She always makes it about her and never about you.

Is it starting to hit you that all you two ever did is what she wanted? Attend an event that she likes, dine in a restaurant she suggested, visit a new boutique she’s long been waiting to open. When it’s time for you to suggest what to do or where to go, a sudden excuse comes up telling you she can’t go. This can mean that she’s using you to pay for her ridiculously impractical expenses!

Have you also noticed that she almost always talks about only herself and rants to you about all her problems? She does all the talking and bothers you with all her troubles and worries. You’re all ears and allow her to let it all out. When it’s your time to talk and let something out she acts all uninterested. This woman is just using you and your time. She just wants someone to pay attention to her while she whines about her petty life. This woman uses you to her advantage.

She wants a lot of space

If a woman asks for some time alone, it’s all right. Give her the space she needs. When she asks for it and totally ignores you for a long time, then that’s fair a warning for you to watch out for this girl. Especially if this happen all the time. One minute she’s all needy and wants you near then one minute she completely shuts you out. Something’s clearly up with her. Never let this thing slide and better check things with her about what’s going on. You wouldn’t want to waste your time wondering when she will be asking for you to be with her again, right? Besides, during those days that she shuts you out, she could very well be entertaining another guy.

She does not make it clear what your relationship status is

Many women like leading on men. She shows all the signs that she likes you. She even allows you to be intimate with her. However, that is the only clue that you have about her relationship with you – THE SIGNS AND THE INTIMACY. She does not make it known to you whether you are in the dating status or not. She leaves you guessing. Whenever you ask her what your relationship status is, she diverts the topic. She distracts you with her body to get you temporarily satisfied in order to avoid the question. Better have a firm answer from her where your relationship is going. For all you know, she’s just toying with you and using you just to satisfy her craving for love and affection. After she’s done manipulating you, you’re out of her life.

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