How to give a girl space without losing her

• How can a man give space to his girlfriend without losing her?

Andrew Byrne, LMFT:

The part of the question that I believe needs to be attended to is “without losing her” as this denotes that she was his to begin with and thus there is an immediate fear that breeds a desire to control the outcome. What is important to remember is that we are all our own individual people, capable of making our own choices, and relationships cannot thrive in a space where personal agency is not honored. To give space to either partner is an act of trust and love, an acknowledgment that the other must make their own choice in order for the relationship itself to grow and benefit both partners. If your partner asks for space, remember that you do not have control over the outcome, but by smothering your partner or refusing to provide breathing space, the flame of the relationship is much more likely to be snuffed out.

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