How to tell if a Girl is Single

So you just met a new girl and you both hit it off right away. You’re staying up together and having these conversations and now you’ve started to feel like maybe, just maybe, you want to take it a step further with her. But there’s just one problem: you don’t know if she’s single or not. At this point, you’re wondering how to ask the potentially awkward question – “are you seeing someone right now?” well, if you’re not entirely sure that this is something you can pull off, there are a few other ways to know if your potential new girlfriend is already spoken for.

  • Talk to the people closest to her. If you’ve met her friends or relatives, you could use that to your advantage. Ask a couple of probing questions but make sure to find a balance in how you do it. If you’re too direct, they may let her know that you came snooping and that might not end in your favor. On the other hand, if you’re being too sneaky and they pick up on it, you may come off as deceptive or manipulative. Believe or not, that opinion would definitely get to your girl.
  • Pay attention to the signs. If you look closely enough, chances are you’ll pick up on a few things that will answer your question. First, have you looked at her fingers? Is there a ring? No? Then you’re off to a good start. Next you may want to start paying attention to the less obvious stuff: how often does she check her phone for messages, is she always alone with her friends? Has she mentioned anything that might suggest that there’s a significant other? Where does she hang out often? If you’re able to observe and isolate these patterns, then you just might have the answer to your questions.
  • Check her social media. Thanks to various social media platforms, you can find almost anything about anyone in a matter of minutes. If you’ve been talking to her like you say you have, then I’m pretty sure you already have some information about her. With that, you could stylishly could through her accounts and see if that provides you with any clues. With social media however, you have to know when to rein it in because there’s a very thin line between “getting information” and cyberstalking (that’s a crime).
  • Bring up your own status in conversation. People are very likely to respond to conversations that they can relate to. If you can find a way to slip the fact that you’re single into the conversation, you may likely get a response that will provide you with all the information that you need.
  • Simply ask her. If you’ve done all of the above and you still haven’t made any headway, or you simply do not have the time for mind games, then get straight to it and ask her the dreaded question. Except she’s a cheater, or she has ulterior motives, she’ll most likely answer your question and save you so much time and stress.

While it can be disappointing to find out that the person you thought you had that magical connection with doesn’t feel the same way, it beats being kept in the dark.

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