Funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh

As complicated as women seem, one fact remains constant: they love to laugh. This is an open knowledge that one can leverage on to win their crush. Although women love to laugh, they do not laugh at random jokes and questions, and it is important to be deliberate about making her laugh.

We present a pool of question that we are sure will make her laugh. These questions are generally lighthearted to both make her laugh and help you know more about her.

If you had to change one thing in the world, what will it be?

Now this question will bring out her naughty and wild side as she tries to explain in the midst of laughter that random thing that irks her. If she doesn’t begin to talk about some funny obsession, she will talk about her passion. Whichever path she choose, you win by making her laugh or getting to know the things she is really passionate about.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Seeing that you’re asking a question that will make her share a moment where she was very vulnerable, you can take the lead by sharing a moment you wished the earth will open under your earth. That way, she becomes more comfortable with telling you about that embarrassing moments in between bouts of laughter for the embarrassing moments.

What’s the dumbest pick-up line anyone has used on you?

You wouldn’t believe some of the really lame pick-up lines used on girls till date. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from laughing as she shares the most ridiculous pick-up lines she’s heard.

This question could even lead into another conversation where you dispute some of the pick-up lines she finds ridiculous.

What’s that one thing you will never do again?

With this question, you’re asking about that thing she tried and forbade herself from ever doing it again. The experiences she may share may be similar to the ones you’ve had creating an opportunity for bonding better.

If you had to choose one superpower or become a superhero, what or who will it be?

Everyone has thought of having a certain superpower or being a certain superhero at a point in their life, and you may just find her answer interesting. As she tries to explain why she choose that superpower or superhero, you may just have a spinoff conversation filled with laughter. Your spinoff conversation may even be on who your favourite superhero is or was at a point.

Are you naughty or nice?

She may begin by saying she is a bit of both, naughty and nice, but she will eventually settle for one after you request she sticks to one. Be sure to get her explanation for being naughty or nice: that will definitely make her laugh.

When a girl laughs, she becomes more relaxed and the conversation can easily bloom. Whenever you need to make a girl laugh, be sure to consult this article for some guidance.

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