When Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text: Funny Edition

β€’ When was the last time you laughed so hard that you snorted? Share a funny story or memory that had your laughter reaching new heights and your nostrils doing acrobatics!

β€’ When do you think is the best time to wear socks with sandals, and why? Let’s dive into this fashion dilemma because there must be some secret occasion where this combination magically becomes stylish…right?

β€’ When did you realize that your dance moves were more like a dad at a wedding than BeyoncΓ©? We’ve all been there on the dance floor, busting out our signature “dad” moves without even realizing it. Spill the beans on when self-awareness kicked in for you!

β€’ When was the most embarrassing moment of your life, and can you describe it in three words or less? Prepare yourself for an epic cringe-fest as we challenge guys to sum up their most humiliating experiences using only three hilariously inadequate words.

β€’ When do you find yourself singing in the shower, and what’s your go-to song choice for those impromptu concerts? Shower karaoke sessions are practically mandatory! Let’s explore which songs get belted out during these private performances (and whether shampoo bottles double as microphones).

β€’ When was the last time someone made such a bad joke that it actually became funny to you? What kind of twisted humor does it take for terrible jokes to transcend into comedic gold?

β€’ When would be an appropriate occasion to use finger guns instead of actual words to express yourself during a conversation over text messages? Because sometimes emojis just don’t cut it – let’s dig deep into finger gun etiquette within digital communication.

β€’ When have you ever mistaken something completely obvious for something else entirely, resulting in an awkward situation? It happens to everyone; share your hilarious tales of misinterpretation gone wrong!

β€’ When would be an acceptable age for someone to still watch cartoons regularly without being judged by society? Unleash your inner child and let’s discuss the socially acceptable cut-off point for indulging in animated awesomeness.

β€’ When was the last time you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, and what did it say? We’ve all been victims of that dreaded “wrong recipient” scenario – reveal your most cringeworthy misfire!

β€’ When do you think is an appropriate time to use emojis excessively in a conversation, and which emoji would be your go-to choice for such occasions? Let’s explore when excessive emoji usage becomes an art form rather than just random pictorial chaos. 🎨

β€’ When was the most ridiculous fashion trend that you’ve ever followed without realizing how absurd it looked until later on? Fashion faux pas are practically rites of passage; spill the beans on your regrettable style choices from yesteryear!

β€’ When do you find yourself having uncontrollable laughter at inappropriate moments, and can you share an example of such a situation? Sometimes humor strikes at the worst possible times – tell us about those laugh-out-loud instances where silence should have prevailed.

β€’ When was the last time you had a hilarious autocorrect fail while texting someone, and what kind of confusion did it cause? Auto-“correct” has its own twisted sense of humor! Share your tales of unintended hilarity caused by technology gone rogue.

β€’ When have you ever attempted a DIY project that turned out to be an epic disaster but ended up being comical instead? Embrace your inner handyman (or lack thereof) as we delve into side-splitting stories involving hammers, nails, and plenty of unexpected mishaps.

β€’ When do funny cat videos become irresistible distractions during serious conversations over text messages for you? Because sometimes fluffy feline antics take priority over discussing world affairs or important life decisions.

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