Is He Shy or Not Interested?

Some men are naturally shy. However, some of them try their best to overcome their shyness when they meet a woman that they really like. There are also some guys who are not able to overcome their shyness at all. This is why it is quite hard to tell whether a guy is just shy or if he’s really just not into you. They say that women are complicated but most likely, those who believe that have never met a shy guy.

Here are some things that will help you recognize a shy guy and a one who is just not interested.

  • Get to know him. This is perhaps not the easiest way to know whether he is not interested or just shy but it will lead you to a more accurate conclusion. If he has an established reputation among his friends and family as a naturally shy person, then it will be easy to tell if he is interested with you or not.
  • Body Language. You need to observe him closely whenever he is talking to you. A shy guy would be fidgeting or he may not be able to look you in the eye but a guy who is just not interested will generally look disinterested or will try to deflect your attempts at conversation.
  • Awkward Appeal. If the guy exerts effort to talk to you, it usually means something. This is even moreso when the guy is actually shy. Often, his attempts to a conversation will come out awkward. So, when a shy guy says something weird, it just means that he is exerting effort to talk to you.
  • The First Move. If a guy is simply shy, then he may just not find the courage to initiate an interaction with you. In such cases, you can try to make a subtle first move, just enough to make him feel that he can easily approach you and if he is interested, he will most likely bite the bait. He may not start conversations but he may look happy and enthusiastic once you make the first move. However, if you already made the first move and he did not pay much attention, then it is most likely that he is not interested at all.
  • Text in line. Some shy people are not too shy when it comes to writing letters and in this day and age, text messaging. A shy guy may not talk to you a lot in person but he may text you more often than other people.
  • Telling friends. High school never stops. Friends just cannot help themselves but make the first move for their friend especially if that friend is a shy one. If he likes you, you may have heard it once or twice from his friends.

If a guy is just shy, then you need to prepare yourself because it is more likely that you will be making the first move often. However, if he’s not into you, then maybe it’s time to move on.

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