Is She Playing Hard to Get or Not Interested?

With the number of happy relationships being flaunted on social media, you would think that women have men completely figure out and vice versa. However, a lot of men are still trying (and failing) to decipher the actions of women. So now you’ve met this girl whose feeling you’re not sure about. Does she like you? Is she playing hard to get or is she simply not interested? The line between these two is really not as thin as people make it out to be. See if a girl is playing hard to get, chances are she likes you a whole lot but is probably too scared to give in so quickly. On the other hand, if she’s not interested, best believe there are no feelings brewing. If you’ve had these questions, you need to start paying more attention to how she responds to you and you may have your answer. Here are a couple signs that may help you figure out which side of the fence you’re standing on right now.

  • How she responds to your texts: If a girl is playing hard to get, she may want to hold off on being the first to text you. When you eventually text her, she might also play busy and not respond immediately but she will definitely respond. On the other hand, if she’s not interested in you, she might just gloss over your messages and not respond to them.
  • How she reacts when she knows you’ve been hanging with other girls: As we earlier said, a girl who is playing hard to get probably like you a whole lot. This means that if she sees or hears about you hanging with other girls, you might notice an expression of mild jealously. If she’s not interested, she would really not care what you’re out doing. She might even try to set you up with some of her friends.
  • What her friends know about you. If a girl likes someone, her friends would probably hear all about it. If you hang out with her and her friends and there are indications that she has been taking about you in an endearing manner, you are in luck my friend. If you however meet her friends and they either don’t know you or they refer to you as the creep who has been bugging their friend, you may want to cut your losses on this one.
  • What she tells you. When a girl out rightly tells you “No”, you should probably listen to her. A girl who likes you may put you on hold, flirt with you and then leave you hanging for a while but she would never tell you to leave her alone in plain words. So if this girl you’re trying to talk to has clearly made it known that she’s not interested and she doesn’t appreciate the advances, respect her space and take several steps back.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that she’s not interested, then pull yourself out of that situation and give her some space. You deserve better in a relationship and so does she.

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