Is He Insecure or Not Interested?

Even insecure guys will unintentionally give away their feelings through their behavior – the following are some signs to watch for:

• He goes out of his way to accommodate your preferences (and to learn about them in the first place), and starts adopting them himself.

• He enjoys having interesting and deep discourse with you, and invests time and energy into debating and discussing disagreements with you rather than simply not giving a damn (apathy is worse than hate – not that he necessarily hates you). He will however, avoid talking about his past lovers.

• He won’t bail at the first sign of you playing hard-to-get – play games with him (to a reasonable extent) and he will play along and keep pursuing you in the face of (to him) temporary setbacks and trivial obstacles.

• He responds positively to any sincere signs of interest you send his way, and doesn’t explicitly “friendzone” or “rule you out” as a potential romantic partner.

• Random gifts and favors!

• You might see signs of small-stakes commitment, like signing up to the same yoga class together.

• He is always eager to make plans to see you and puts a lot of effort into arranging interesting dates (often a long time in advance) to make sure you have fun when you’re with him – its unlikely you’ll hear him asking you to come up with ideas for what to do or eat.

And he will rarely, if ever, flake – if he does, there will be a very good reason behind it and you can count on him to be apologetic and/or make it up to you in a big way.

• He’s quiet around you but loud and chatty around other people (note though that he shouldn’t be depressed or unhappy).

• He makes positive comments about seemingly mundane (to you) things about you, especially things noone else notices.

You know your hair looks good today because you got a record amount of Instagram likes on a hair selfie after you spent an unholy amount of money at the hair salon, but he happens to notice and compliment you on the dimple on your left cheek when you laugh. He also doesn’t mind your (own perceived) “flaws” – be they physical, behavioral or circumstantial.

• He dresses up when meeting you.

• He might be a little touchy-feely and up-close-and-personal, and in general his body from head-to-toe will be “facing towards you”. Emotional openness will also be evident, though tread carefully as some guys can get a little sensitive.

• He frequently contacts you first, out of the blue – just for the sake of talking to you. When you contact him, he will usually be available or at least get back in touch with you later – you definitely won’t be ignored. And it will usually be voice or video calls – too much text-based communication is a bad sign.

• He sometimes makes fun of you in a playful way.

• There’s a good chance he’s told at least one friend that he’s interested in you. Even better if he’s introduced you to them in person, and bonus points for meeting his family. On the other hand if nobody around him so much as knows your name or your existence (or worse, you hear about one or more other women), don’t get your hopes up too much.

• He seems curious (almost nosy) about various aspects of your life past present and future, and seems to have an amazing ability to recall random details from past conversations with you. Start going on a long rant about your life’s problems? He should be all ears. At the same time, he’ll tell you all the details about his own life without you even asking.

• He shows signs of jealousy about other guys in your life.

• Overall you find him attentive, predictable, available and comfortable (in a good way).

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