Insecure Boyfriend Signs

• Too much commitment too fast. Telling you you’re the love of his life when you haven’t even gotten to know each other may seem cute on the outside, but screams insecurity on the inside.

• Constantly asks you if you love him, because he needs to be SURE (for the 10th time today). He also needs your praise and approval about everything and anything or he will break down in despair (and often even if you do provide them).

• He excessively plays push-pull with the relationship, and constantly questions your dedication to him.

• He spends unreasonably large amounts of money on you (based on how much he has/makes) and it’s not based on a healthy mindset as he’s scared that you might abandon him otherwise.

Similarly, he might spend WAY too much time or money on vain self-improvement like bodybuilding or expensive cars. He might also embellish (or even outright make up) details about his life or his past to impress you.

• You are his primary (or even only) focus in his life. Perhaps he had a well-rounded life before, but he may have thrown it all away to devote himself to you (friends, jobs, hobbies).

His mental and emotional well-being depends on you – if you happen to be in a rough period of life or even just having a bad day and it shows (or worse, you make a passing remark that could be misconstrued as criticism), he will be WAY too sensitive to it and will likely think that it’s about him.

Now if it IS about him and you (nicely) point things out that could be improved, don’t expect it to get through to him – he’ll just make you look mean and cold-hearted.

• Jealous and suspicious. Any person you meet that’s not him makes him feel neglected – even if the subject of your attention is an inanimate object or even something abstract (like being TOO into a TV show).

He will contact you frequently and ask you who/what/when/where/why (don’t even think about replying late or -gasp- ignoring him!) – and if that person happens to be a (attractive!?) male friend or acquaintance, expect the questions to increase exponentially.

Suspicions can also lead him to invade your privacy – things like secretly checking your messages. And no matter how much you tell him you love him, he just can’t get rid of the suspicion that you may still be thinking about your ex(s).

• He is very conscious about and sensitive to people (especially other men) being “better” than him – whether that be financially, physically or otherwise.

• Negative stories about his past lovers – he may rant on about how he was mistreated by his past girlfriends, which quite frankly isn’t any of your business nor your fault.

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