I don’t trust my girlfriend

If you ask ten people what contributed to their previous relationship breakups, at least 6 of them will mention lack of trust as one of the reasons. So, the question, “I don’t trust my girlfriend, what do I do?” comes along for most people.

Trust is a necessity for any relationship, from work relationships to personal relationships. Hence, romantic relationships involve two persons that put themselves out there and decide to trust each other. So even though one or both parties have been greatly hurt from trusting people in the past, they have to overcome the fear of being hurt when they trust to achieve a great relationship.

We will be going through some of the reasons why you probably don’t trust your girlfriend and giving pointers on how to go about trusting her. Although, trusting people comes with a lot of risks, trusting the right person especially when they are your girlfriend brings forth the most beautiful experience. Hopefully, we will be able to get to the root as per why you don’t trust your girlfriend.

Here are some of the reasons why you probably don’t trust your girlfriend and how to handle each of the cases.

Their past

Everyone has a past, some shadier than others. Your girlfriend’s shadier past may be the reason why you don’t trust her anymore. Maybe you even trusted her at the beginning of the relationship and stopped when you heard or got to know certain things about her.

You begin to doubt the sincerity of her personality, which was probably what made you fall in love with her and begin to stop trusting her.

In this case, the best bet is to talk to her about what you heard or what made you start doubting the sincerity of her personality. When you present your doubts to her and get more clarity, you will be at a better place with her.

The company they keep

Your girlfriend had other friends before both of you committed to your relationship and those friendships wouldn’t be broken when you start dating. Chances are you do not like all of her friends, maybe even the ones closest to her.

You probably have heard them laugh over something you found very awful and begin to lose the trust of your girlfriend. You begin to wonder what she is usually up to with her friends when you’re not around.

When you don’t trust your girlfriend and the situation is like this scenario described, you should try to understand the basic character and personalities of your girlfriend and her friends. As long as you’re sure of what the basics are, you wouldn’t find those occasional scenarios worrisome.

The lies they tell

There is also a high probability that you stopped trusting your girlfriend after you found out that she had lied about something, probably a white lie. Instead of trying to decipher what else she has told you that is a lie, it’s better to approach her with the situation and talk it through.

The situations described above are some of the commonest as regards persons that don’t trust their girlfriends. Overall, it is important to note that trust building is a process and may not be an easy one. The amazing thing about trust building is that, with the right person, the outcomes are breathtaking.

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