What Is Compersion in Polyamory

β€’ Compersion is a term coined in the polyamorous community to describe feeling an overwhelming surge of joy and happiness when your partner experiences love or intimacy with someone else, like winning the lottery while eating ice cream on a sunny beach.

β€’ It’s often described as the opposite of jealousy because instead of getting all hot and bothered by your partner’s connections, you genuinely find pleasure in their emotional fulfillment, like watching puppies frolic through fields of daisies.

β€’ The concept of compersion highlights this beautiful belief that love isn’t some limited resource that gets depleted faster than a pack of Oreos at midnight. No, no! It shouts from the rooftops that multiple loving relationships can coexist without diminishing each other, just like how adding sprinkles doesn’t ruin the deliciousness of chocolate chip cookies!

β€’ Many people consider compersion to be an essential ingredient for successful polyamorous relationships because it fosters open communication (and not just about what toppings go best on pizza), trust (like knowing they won’t eat all your favorite snacks), and mutual support among partners (because who doesn’t need backup during intense Monopoly games?).

β€’ Experiencing compersion requires some serious self-reflection and personal growth. You’ll have to challenge those societal norms around possessiveness and exclusivity in romantic relationships harder than trying to fit into jeans after Thanksgiving dinner.

β€’ Some folks are naturally inclined towards experiencing compersion; they’re like unicorns prancing gracefully through rainbows. But if you’re more skeptical or struggle with sharing toys even as adults (*cough* monopoly reference again *cough*), don’t worry! With conscious effort and practice, you too can become a master Jedi of joyful feels.

β€’ Now hold up! Compersion doesn’t mean denying feelings of insecurity or discomfort; we’re all human here. Instead, it encourages acknowledging these emotions so you can address them within yourself or discuss them openly with your partners, like a team of superheroes tackling evil villains.

β€’ Compersion is often described as this magical feeling that washes over you when witnessing your partner’s love or connection with another person in a polyamorous relationship. It’s like discovering the secret ingredient in grandma’s chocolate chip cookies and realizing it was unicorn tears all along!

β€’ It goes beyond simply accepting that your partner has other partners; it involves actively deriving pleasure from their emotional connections with others, almost like finding joy in watching someone else win at Mario Kart (even if they’re using the blue shell).

β€’ Compersion can manifest itself in various ways – maybe you feel excited for your partner’s new romantic interest, or perhaps you find yourself genuinely happy to see them enjoying time spent with someone else, just like how seeing puppies play brings an instant smile to your face.

β€’ This concept challenges traditional notions of possessiveness and exclusivity by embracing the idea that multiple loving relationships can coexist harmoniously. It flips society off and says, “Hey! Love isn’t a pie where everyone gets one tiny slice; it’s more like unlimited pizza toppings!”

β€’ Cultivating compersion requires open communication (no hiding under blankets during serious conversations), trust (like knowing they won’t eat all the good snacks while binging Netflix without you), and a strong sense of self-awareness within oneself and among all partners involved (because let’s be real here: we’ve all got quirks).

β€’ While some individuals may naturally experience compersion more easily than breathing air after eating garlic bread, don’t fret if you’re not there yet! With introspection, personal growth (*cue inspirational music*), and conscious effort over time (*insert training montage here*), you’ll unlock the superpower of compersion faster than Superman changes into his spandex tights.

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