How to Say Sorry to a Girl

The worst thing about fighting with your girl is that it costs both of you minutes, hours, days, sometimes even weeks of happiness. These are times that you could have had with each other – building memories and deepening your relationship with each other. However, fights are things that you cannot avoid in any kind of relationship especially in romantic relationships. They say when you love someone you give that person the power not only to make you happy but also to hurt you. In case you committed a mistake, here are some ways on how to say sorry to a girl:

  • Words Work. While some say that talk is cheap, it is most valuable when you speak with utmost sincerity. First, if you really believe that you have done something wrong, you need to acknowledge the fact that you did. However, if you weren’t aware that you were hurting her that time, you can apologize for your insensitivity. After saying that you are sorry, you can ask her if there’s anything that you can do to make up for your mistake. Lastly, tell her that you will do your best to not commit the same mistake again and stick to it.
  • Star Quality. This is something special that you can do for different special occasions such as anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, and more. However, it is also ideal when you want to say sorry to your girlfriend. You can name a star after her at the Online Star Registry which is something that she will remember for the rest of her life. You can play it up with other sweet gestures such as an outdoor dinner under the stars, star gazing, and more.
  • Sweet Sorry. You can never go wrong with chocolates. Even ladies who are on a diet just cannot resist chocolates. You can give her blocks of chocolates where you can spell out the word “sorry” using icing or syrups. You can also prepare any food that she likes and use chocolate syrup to write “sorry” on the plate instead.
  • Paper Power. With the advent of technology and digital communication like e-mail, text messages, and instant messages, still, nothing can beat the excitement and anticipation that an actual written letter gives to the receiver. It is something that you can physically hold, keep, and read over and over again. So, go get a fancy paper at any bookstore and pour your heart out. The letter can be short or long but what’s important is that you mean everything written on it.
  • Video Victory. You can tell her you’re sorry through creating a video with pictures of the two of you and your theme song, her favorite song, or a song saying sorry. You can either upload it on any social media platform or send it to her through instant messaging.

When you hurt her, make her feel loved multiple times more and choose any or all these ways on how to say sorry to a girl.

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