Long distance relationship: Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is something every couple gets a little excited about. It’s the time to give your partner something nice, or plan an amazing trip to some place romantic, or just simply spend time together. But what if you can’t do any of that because hundreds of miles separate the two of you?

Being in a long-distance relationship really is unfortunate. According to a long-distance relationship statistics website, 40% of these relationships end up breaking up. But why include your relationship to the percentage of failed long-distance relationships? Just keep firing up that love machine that is your heart and you’re sure to survive being apart.

If you’re the type of person who is willing to be a bit extra for your special someone, then here are some tips to ease your partner’s pain of not spending this sweet little holiday with you.

1. Plan a Breakfast Special

Have their favorite meal from their go-to fast food chain delivered right at their doorstep. After all, there’s nothing like waking up to your favorite comfort food. Knowing that you made a dear effort of giving them a breakfast surprise will surely get them smiling through the day.

For an additional love seasoning, ask for the fastfood crew to write your nickname for your beau on the paperbag. It’s cheesy all right, but you can’t deny that it’s terribly cute!

2. Start the Day Right

If #1 isn’t applicable, then better start their day with just a simple phone call. Hearing your voice might be the way to jump start their day. An even better option is to FaceTime them, so they can see that sweet smile of yours. It’s like waking up next to you!

If it really is impossible call them, leave a video message with a Happy Valentine’s greeting will just be as thoughtful. You can even spice up the video by singing their favorite song, or dancing if that’s what you prefer.

3. Have Little Gift Surprises Prepared

Isn’t it romantic if your partner gets tiny gifts at random points of the day? It may be a bundle of heart-shaped balloons tied to their mailbox that they will see once they step out of their front door. It may be a box of chocolates waiting on their desk once they get to their workplace. It might even be a giant teddy bear waiting at their bedroom once they get home. It doesn’t really matter what size the gift is, or in what manner the surprise is going to be. All that matters is that you make up for not being by their side on a supposed love-filled day.

4. Send Something You Hand-Crafted Yourself

It’s time to get artsy and channel your inner Picasso/Michelangelo. Think of something that your partner really likes and turn it into an artwork. For example, you can paint your own version of their favorite painting. Another example is to personalize a shirt by painting the movie poster of their favorite film into it. If you have a pet name for your partner, let’s say “Bunny”, then make a sculpture of a bunny rabbit! The possibilities are endless if you just think it through! If you aren’t that crafty, then just use your resources. The internet has tutorials for EVERYTHING now.

5. Dinner Date via Skype Followed by a Movie Date

Just because you are miles apart doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal together. All you need is to set up your table at home, then place your videochatting device on the other end of the table. Dress up if you want to make it even more realistic! Have your food prepared on your table and make it look as if you’re having an actual dinner date! After dinner, you both play a movie at the same time while talking to each other on the phone to make it seem like you’re watching side-by-side. Now isn’t that a fun, romantic night?

6. Send a Heart-Filled Letter

Nothing beats a love letter. Overrated you say? WELL, I THINK NOT. Love letters contain the purest of words that somebody can say to their lover. It is where you can put your heart and soul into writing. This expression of love can be preserved for a very long time. Even if you read the letter again after a few years, you will still feel the strong emotions flowing from the words of the writer. Remember to write your heart out for letters are timeless.

7. Reschedule Valentine’s Day

Who says you can’t schedule Valentine’s Day on some other date. There are no rules in love! Have something special planned like an out-of-town trip when you finally get to see your partner again. Now that you’re finally reunited, go ahead and celebrate!

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