When Was the Last Time Questions for Boyfriend

• The last time your boyfriend surprised you with a romantic gesture was on your anniversary two months ago, and boy did he knock it out of the park! He secretly planned a picnic in the park complete with champagne, strawberries, and even hired a violinist to serenade you. It was like something out of a cheesy romance movie, but hey, who doesn’t love being swept off their feet?

• The last time he cooked dinner for you was three weeks ago when he decided to unleash his inner Gordon Ramsay. Armed with an apron and spatula, he whipped up your favorite pasta dish from scratch. Sure, there were flour explosions and some questionable knife skills involved (thankfully no fingers were harmed), but the end result? A mouthwatering masterpiece that left you craving seconds.

• The last time he bought you flowers was on Valentine’s Day earlier this year because apparently Hallmark told him to do so. But hey, roses are always a classic choice! You walked into the room expecting nothing more than Netflix and chill but instead found yourself drowning in petals. Who needs diamonds when you have blooms?

• The last time you both went on a weekend getaway together was four months ago – oh sweet memories! You escaped the daily grind and headed straight for sandy shores where cocktails flowed freely and sunscreen became your best friend. Those lazy beach days spent basking under the sun while sipping fruity concoctions… sigh… can we go back already?

• The last time he wrote you a heartfelt love letter or note was during your birthday celebration six months back. Words poured onto paper as if Shakespeare himself had possessed his pen. Okay fine, maybe not Shakespeare-level prose (we’re talking about modern times here), but it sure made your heart melt faster than ice cream on a hot summer day.

• The last time you had a deep and meaningful conversation with your boyfriend happened just last night before going to bed because let’s face it, pillow talk is the best talk. You delved into topics ranging from your dreams and aspirations to the meaning of life itself. It was like having a philosophical debate mixed with a dose of late-night giggles – truly mind-boggling yet incredibly intimate.

• The last time he surprised you with tickets to a concert or event was two months ago when he unveiled his secret plan: front-row seats to see your favorite band perform live! The screams, the music, the energy… it felt like you were transported to another dimension where only good vibes existed. And let’s not forget about those post-concert dance parties in the car on the way home!

• The last time he planned a romantic date night for the two of you was three weeks ago when he channeled his inner Casanova and whisked you away for an enchanting evening at that new restaurant in town. Candlelight flickered, soft music played in the background, and every bite tasted like pure culinary bliss. It was one of those nights where everything just fell perfectly into place.

• The last time he made an effort to spend quality time with your friends and family happened during the holiday season, around four months ago (cue Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You”). He joined forces with Santa Claus himself as they spread joy and laughter throughout gatherings filled with loved ones. His ability to charm even Aunt Mildred who never cracks a smile? Truly impressive.

• The last time he gave you a thoughtful gift “just because” occurred five days ago when he walked through that door holding something wrapped up all pretty-like. Inside lay that book you’ve been dying to read but had somehow forgotten about amidst life’s chaos. Talk about hitting literary jackpot! Who needs Prince Charming when there’s someone who knows how to make your heart skip beats over paperbacks?

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