Would You Rather Questions for Your Ex Boyfriend

• Would you rather never see your ex boyfriend again or have to spend every day with him?

– Seriously, who wants to deal with their ex on a daily basis? Avoiding them like the plague seems like the best option here.

• Would you rather have a friendly relationship with your ex boyfriend or cut all ties completely?

– Do you really want to be buddies with someone who once broke your heart? It’s like trying to eat ice cream while getting dental work done. Cut those ties and move on!

• Would you rather receive closure from your ex boyfriend or move on without any explanation?

– Closure is like that last slice of pizza—it sounds great in theory, but sometimes it just leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Sometimes it’s better to let go and create your own closure.

• Would you rather have the ability to erase all memories of your past relationship with your ex boyfriend or keep those memories intact?

– Memories can be tricky little devils, bringing both joy and pain. But hey, they make up our story! Embrace them (or hit that delete button if things get too messy).

• Would you rather be friends with benefits with your ex boyfriend or remain strictly platonic?

– Friends…with benefits? Honey, unless he comes bearing unlimited chocolate supplies and free Netflix subscriptions, stick to being just friends—less drama that way!

• Would you rather hear that your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you or find out he’s moved on and is happy in a new relationship?

– Ahh, the classic dilemma: do we want validation from an old flame or risk having our hearts crushed by seeing them blissfully happy elsewhere? Ignorance might truly be bliss here.

• Would you rather forgive and forget everything that happened between you and your ex-boyfriend, or hold onto resentment and anger forever?

– Holding onto grudges is about as productive as wearing socks with sandals. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is like a refreshing breeze that sets you free.

• Would you rather confront your ex-boyfriend about why the relationship ended, or let it go and focus on moving forward?

– Confrontation can be as satisfying as popping bubble wrap, but sometimes it’s better to channel your energy into new beginnings instead of dwelling on past endings.

• Would you rather have your ex boyfriend apologize for his past mistakes or accept that he may never acknowledge them?

– Ahh, apologies—the currency of emotional closure. But remember, not everyone carries enough coins in their pockets. Acceptance might just be the key to finding peace within yourself.

• Would you rather maintain a civil relationship with your ex boyfriend for the sake of mutual friends or cut ties completely and prioritize your own well-being?

– Who needs all those awkward encounters at parties? Prioritize YOUR happiness over playing nice with others—it’s called self-love!

• Would you rather have your ex boyfriend confess that he still has feelings for you but cannot commit or hear him say that he no longer cares about you at all?

– It’s like choosing between getting stuck in traffic forever or finally reaching an open road. Letting go might sting initially, but freedom lies ahead!

• Would you rather know if your ex boyfriend regrets breaking up with you or remain uncertain about his true feelings?

– Uncertainty is like stepping barefoot onto Lego bricks—painful! But hey, knowing someone regrets losing us won’t magically fix everything either. Choose what brings YOU peace.

• Would you rather discover that your ex boyfriend has been spreading rumors about you since the breakup or find out that he’s been talking positively about you behind your back?

– Rumors are like mosquitoes—they buzz around annoyingly and leave irritating bites. On the flip side though, hearing kind words from unexpected sources can feel like winning the lottery!

• Would you rather have closure from an honest conversation with your ex boyfriend, even if it includes painful truths or simply move on without any explanation at all?

– Painful truths are like bitter medicine—they might taste awful but can lead to healing. However, moving forward without looking back is like jumping into a pool on a scorching summer day—refreshing!

• Would you rather see photos of your happy and thriving life after the breakup to make him regret leaving or keep those achievements private and focus on personal growth instead?

– Ahh, revenge through Instagram! While tempting, showcasing your fabulous life for the sole purpose of making someone jealous won’t bring true satisfaction. Focus on yourself and let karma handle the rest!

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