Leaving narcissistic family

• Cutting ties with a narcissistic family can be emotionally challenging.

Leaving your family is never easy, but when you’re dealing with narcissists, it’s like trying to escape from Alcatraz. Narcissistic families are often built on manipulation and control, so cutting those ties can feel like losing a part of yourself.

• It is important to set boundaries and communicate them clearly before leaving.

Narcissists don’t respect boundaries unless they benefit from them. So if you want to leave the toxic environment without looking back, make sure you establish clear lines that cannot be crossed. And don’t forget: “No” is a complete sentence!

• Narcissists may try to guilt or manipulate their victims into staying, so it’s crucial to stay firm in the decision to leave.

When someone has been manipulating you for years, they won’t stop just because you’ve decided enough is enough. They’ll use every trick in the book – gaslighting, emotional blackmail…you name it! But remember: You deserve better than this kind of treatment.

• Leaving a narcissistic family often involves seeking professional help from therapists or counselors.

Sometimes we all need an unbiased third party who can help us navigate difficult situations. A therapist or counselor can provide guidance and support as well as teach coping mechanisms for dealing with stressors related to leaving a toxic situation.

• Finding support from friends and other loved ones outside of the toxic family circle can make the transition easier.

Having people around who love and care about you unconditionally makes everything better – even something as daunting as leaving your entire family behind!

• Keeping records of any abusive behavior or interactions with the narcissistic family members may be helpful for legal purposes later on.

Documenting abuse isn’t fun (unless maybe if you’re secretly hoping someday Hollywood will turn your life story into an Oscar-winning movie), but sometimes necessary when leaving abusive relationships/families.

• Moving away physically from the narcissistic family might be necessary in some cases but not always feasible for everyone.

Sometimes you just want to pack up your bags and move far, far away. But let’s face it – that isn’t an option for everyone. However, there are still ways to create distance emotionally even if physical separation is impossible.

• Financial independence is key when planning to leave a narcissistic family as they may use financial control as leverage against their victim.

Money talks…especially when dealing with narcissists who love nothing more than using money as a tool of manipulation. Make sure you have financial independence before making any moves so that you’re not left high and dry.

• Healing after leaving a narcissistic family takes time and effort, but it’s possible through therapy, self-care practices, and building healthy relationships with others.

Leaving behind toxic people can feel like taking off shackles you didn’t know were on until they were gone! And while healing won’t happen overnight (unless maybe if by “overnight” we mean 6-12 months), it IS possible!

• It’s important to recognize that leaving a narcissistic family may result in backlash or retaliation from the abusers.

Narcissists don’t take kindly to losing control over someone else; expect them to lash out at least initially once they realize what has happened.

• Narcissists often thrive on drama and chaos, so it’s crucial to maintain no contact with them after leaving.

Just because YOU’RE done playing games doesn’t mean THEY will stop trying. Cut all ties completely whenever possible; otherwise prepare yourself for continued attempts at manipulation & gaslighting.

• Seeking legal protection through restraining orders or other measures may be necessary for safety reasons when leaving a narcissistic family.

If things get really bad (& hopefully this never happens!), make sure you protect yourself legally too: document everything abusive behavior-wise & seek help from law enforcement/attorneys if needed.

• Leaving a narcissistic family can bring up feelings of guilt, shame, and self-doubt due to years of gaslighting and manipulation by the abusers.

Leaving behind your entire family is going to be hard – even if they were all toxic. You may feel guilty for “abandoning” them or doubt yourself in terms of whether you made the right decision…but remember that YOU are worth more than being someone else’s pawn!

• Building a support system outside of the toxic family dynamic is essential for emotional healing after leaving.

You’re not alone! There are people out there who will love & support you unconditionally – no strings attached. Find those people: friends, therapists/counselors, online forums/groups etc.

• Finding healthy coping mechanisms such as therapy, journaling, exercise, or creative outlets can help manage stress during the process of leaving.

Stress is inevitable when dealing with something as big as cutting ties with an entire family; but finding ways to cope healthily (like through exercise/journaling/therapy) makes it easier to deal with everything emotionally.

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