When a narcissist leaves his family

• Narcissists often leave their families abruptly and without warning.

– It’s like they just woke up one day, decided that being a decent human being is too much work, and left.

• They may do so to pursue a new source of admiration or attention.

– Because let’s face it, narcissists need an audience. And if the current one isn’t clapping loud enough, they’ll find another crowd to entertain.

• Leaving the family can be part of their pattern of seeking constant validation from others.

– The only thing these folks love more than themselves is hearing how great they are from someone else. So when the compliments stop flowing at home, off they go in search of fresh praise.

• It is common for narcissists to blame their family members for any problems in the relationship, rather than taking responsibility themselves.

– “It’s not me; it’s you.” That seems to be their motto. Even if everyone around them knows that it was 100% them who caused all the issues.

• When a narcissist leaves, they may cut off all contact with their former family members and refuse to communicate or co-parent effectively if there are children involved.

– Yup. If you’re not feeding into their ego anymore or giving them what they want (which could literally change on an hourly basis), then you’re outta there!

• The departure of a narcissistic parent can have serious emotional impacts on children who were raised in that environment.

– Kids who grow up with parents like this usually end up needing therapy – lots and lots of therapy. But hey, at least now we know why our generation will keep therapists employed for years to come!

• In some cases, leaving the family could be an attempt by the narcissist to punish them for not meeting his/her needs adequately.

– This sounds familiar… oh wait! Isn’t this basically every single argument ever had with a person like this? “You didn’t give me what I wanted, so now you must pay!”

• Narcissists tend to prioritize their own wants over those of anyone else, including partners and children.

– This is basically the definition of a narcissist. They don’t care about your feelings or needs; they only care about themselves. It’s like living with a toddler who never grew up.

• Narcissists may leave their families to avoid taking responsibility for any harm they have caused.

– Because admitting fault would mean that there’s something wrong with them – which obviously can’t be true because they’re perfect! So instead, it’s easier just to run away from the problem entirely.

• Leaving the family can be a way for narcissists to maintain control over their image and reputation, as they may fear being exposed or criticized by those closest to them.

– If no one knows how terrible they are (and let’s face it, most people only see the charming side), then everything is fine! But if someone starts calling out their bad behavior… well, better pack up and move on before things get messy.

• When a narcissist leaves his family, he often does so with little regard for the emotional impact on his loved ones.

– Who cares about other people when you’re this fabulous?! Obviously not these folks.

• It is not uncommon for narcissistic individuals to return to their families at some point in the future but only if it serves their interests or needs.

– Ah yes… The prodigal son returns! Only this time around he’ll probably want something (like money) rather than apologizing for all of his past mistakes.

• The sudden departure of a narcissist can create confusion and chaos within the family unit leaving other members struggling to make sense of what has happened.

– Imagine waking up one day thinking everything was okay and realizing that your partner/parent left without warning. Yeah… That kind of shock takes a while to process.

• A narcissist who leaves his family may do so because he feels that he has outgrown them or no longer benefits from being associated with them.

– It’s like when you’re done playing with your toys and move on to the next shiny object. Narcissists treat people the same way – if they’re not getting anything out of it anymore, then off they go!

• Family members left behind by a narcissistic partner or parent should seek support from friends and professionals trained in dealing with these types of situations.

– Seriously… Don’t try to handle this alone! Get help, talk to someone (preferably someone who knows what they’re talking about), and take care of yourself first.

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