Does a narcissist regret leaving you?

• Narcissists rarely regret leaving their partners, as they often believe they are superior and entitled to better.

Narcissists think the world revolves around them. They see themselves as god’s gift to humanity and can’t fathom why anyone would leave them in the first place. If you’re waiting for a narcissist to come crawling back with an apology, it might be time to invest in some good books or take up knitting because that ain’t happening anytime soon.

• They may feel a temporary sense of loss or sadness, but this is usually due to the loss of control over their former partner rather than genuine remorse.

When a narcissist leaves someone, they lose control over that person. This realization can cause them distress since controlling others is what makes them feel powerful. However, don’t mistake this feeling for actual remorse; it’s more like throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t go your way – eventually, they’ll get over it and move on to their next victim.

• Narcissists tend to view relationships in transactional terms and may leave if they perceive that their needs are not being met or if someone else offers them a better deal.

To put it bluntly: “What have you done for me lately?” That’s how most narcissists approach relationships. If you’re not meeting their expectations (which are almost always unreasonable), then consider yourself expendable. And even if you do meet all of their demands perfectly, there’s no guarantee that another “better” option won’t come along tomorrow.

• They may also leave simply because they have grown bored or restless with the relationship without any consideration for how it will affect their ex-partner.

Narcissists crave excitement and novelty constantly; once something becomes routine or predictable – yawn! It loses its appeal quickly. So even though everything was going great yesterday doesn’t mean anything today; boredom strikes fast in the life of a narcissist. They’ll leave without thinking twice about how it will affect their ex-partner.

• Even after leaving, narcissists may continue to manipulate and gaslight their ex-partners in order to maintain some level of control over them.

Just because they’ve left doesn’t mean the game is over. Narcissists love playing mind games, so don’t be surprised if your ex continues trying to mess with your head long after you break up. If this happens, cut off all contact immediately – there’s no point in engaging with someone who only wants to hurt you for fun.

• In rare cases where a narcissist does express regret for leaving, it is likely motivated by self-interest (such as wanting something from their ex) rather than genuine remorse.

Let’s be real here: when was the last time a narcissist did anything that wasn’t self-serving? The answer is never! So if they suddenly come back begging for forgiveness or expressing “remorse,” keep an eye out for what they really want – chances are it has nothing to do with actually making amends.

• Narcissists are often unable to feel empathy or remorse, making it unlikely that they will regret leaving their partner.

Empathy and remorse require emotional intelligence; two things most narcissists lack entirely. It’s like asking a fish not to swim or Donald Trump not to tweet; impossible!

• They may also view the breakup as a way of punishing their former partner for not meeting their expectations or needs.

Narcissistic logic goes something like this: “If I’m unhappy then someone else must pay.” So even though breaking up might seem like punishment enough already (especially if you were happy), rest assured that your ex probably thinks he/she/they could have done worse…

• Narcissists tend to have an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement which can make them believe that they made the right decision in leaving

When everything you do is perfect, it’s hard to imagine that anything could be your fault. Narcissists believe they’re always right and everyone else is wrong; therefore, leaving their partner was probably the best decision they ever made (in their minds). Don’t take it personally – just move on and find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

• In some cases, narcissists may even blame their ex-partner for the breakup and refuse to take responsibility for any wrongdoing on their part.

If a narcissist does something wrong, don’t expect them to own up to it. Instead, they’ll shift the blame onto anyone but themselves – including you! So if your ex tries blaming everything on you after breaking up with no explanation or warning: congratulations! You’ve officially dated a textbook narcissist!

• It is important for those who have been left by a narcissist to focus on healing themselves rather than waiting for any kind of apology or regret from the narcissist.

Don’t hold out hope that someday your ex will realize what he/she/they did wrong and come back begging forgiveness. That’s like hoping Donald Trump will start tweeting about climate change tomorrow…unlikely at best. Focus instead on yourself; heal from this experience so that when someone better comes along (and trust us – there WILL be someone better), you’ll be ready to receive all the love in store.

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