Signs a narcissist is leaving you

• They may start to withdraw emotionally and become distant.

If your partner suddenly starts acting like you’re invisible, they might be preparing for a grand exit. It’s not uncommon for narcissists to distance themselves from their partners as a way of avoiding confrontation or emotional intimacy.

• A narcissist might begin criticizing and belittling their partner more frequently before leaving.

When someone is getting ready to leave, it’s almost like they want the other person to think “good riddance!” Narcissists are known for being critical, so if they ramp up this behavior right before breaking things off, that could be a sign.

• They could suddenly lose interest in things they once enjoyed doing together as a couple.

Remember when you both used to love going hiking? Or watching bad reality TV shows together? If your significant other has lost all enthusiasm for these shared activities (or any activity with you), that could mean something’s brewing.

• Narcissists are known for being self-centered, so if they’re preparing to leave, they might be less concerned with your feelings or needs than usual.

It can feel like everything revolves around them anyway…but if the already low level of consideration drops even further below sea level…you know what time it is!

• You may notice that the narcissist is spending more time away from home or avoiding you altogether.

Suddenly working late every night? Going out with friends without inviting you along? These behaviors signal an attempt at creating distance between the two of you which usually precedes an ending relationship.

• They might make excuses not to spend time with you or cancel plans at the last minute without any explanation.

The old “I have too much work” excuse only goes so far. When someone wants out but doesn’t want drama – cancelling plans becomes second nature.

• If a narcissist is planning on leaving, they may start talking about themselves and their future plans more often than listening to what you have to say.

If they’re not interested in hearing about your day or anything else going on with you, that’s a red flag. It could mean they’ve already mentally checked out of the relationship.

• The narcissistic person may become increasingly critical of everything you do or say leading up to them leaving.

When someone is looking for reasons why things won’t work out, every little thing can seem like a deal-breaker. If your partner starts nitpicking and criticizing stuff that never bothered them before – watch out!

• It’s common for narcissists who are ending a relationship to try and blame everything on their partner rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

Classic move! They’ll find any reason under the sun except themselves as the cause of problems in the relationship…even if it means making ridiculous allegations against you.

• A narcissist might start flirting with other people or seeking attention from others if they’re planning on leaving.

It seems counterintuitive since most people would think being flirty while still attached is taboo but this behavior makes sense when viewed through an emotional detachment lens.

• They may become more secretive and guarded, hiding their phone or computer use from you.

The old “I need my privacy” line gets trotted out again when someone wants space without having an honest conversation about it first.

• Narcissists who are preparing to leave often show less empathy towards their partner and seem indifferent to their emotional state.

Empathy? What’s that?! When one party has made up his/her mind about moving on, there isn’t much room left over for caring how upset (or devastated) the soon-to-be-ex-partner feels.

• If a narcissist is leaving, they may suddenly become very generous or offer gifts as a way of easing the guilt they feel about ending the relationship

Nothing says “sorry I’m breaking up with you” quite like buying expensive jewelry! But seriously, this is classic guilt-tripping behavior.

• You might notice that your partner is spending money in ways that don’t benefit both of you, such as buying expensive clothes for themselves without discussing it with you first.

This one’s a bit tricky because people are allowed to treat themselves…but if someone starts acting like they’re single and blowing through cash on things only beneficial to them – something could be up.

• The narcissistic person could begin talking negatively about your friends and family members leading up to them leaving.

It’s easier for some folks (narcissists) to blame others when the relationship isn’t working out. So why not throw shade at those closest to their soon-to-be-ex?

• They may also try to turn mutual friends against you by spreading lies or gossiping behind your back.

The ultimate smear campaign! If someone wants out but doesn’t want anyone else thinking less of him/her then what better way than making sure everyone thinks poorly of their ex-partner instead?

• It’s not uncommon for narcissists who are leaving a relationship to be emotionally abusive towards their partner in an attempt to push them away rather than having an honest conversation about why they want out.

When all other tactics fail, emotional abuse becomes the go-to move. Why bother being civil when cruelty can accomplish the same thing faster?

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