Narcissists leaving things behind

• Narcissists may leave behind personal belongings as a way to maintain control and manipulate their victims. It’s like they’re saying, “I may be gone, but I’m still in charge.” They want to ensure that their victim is constantly thinking about them and wondering what they will do next.

• Leaving things behind can also be a tactic used by narcissists to create confusion and chaos in the lives of those they have left. It’s almost like leaving breadcrumbs for someone to follow – except instead of leading you somewhere pleasant, it leads you down a path of destruction and despair.

• The items left behind by a narcissist may hold sentimental value or serve as reminders of past events, making it difficult for their victim to move on. Every time the victim sees that item, memories flood back – both good and bad. And let’s face it: if there was more good than bad, the relationship would probably still be intact.

• In some cases, leaving things behind could be an attempt by the narcissist to signal that they still have power over their victim’s life. “You thought I was done with you? Think again!” That seems to be what goes through a narcissist’s mind when they pull this stunt.

• Narcissistic individuals often struggle with feelings of abandonment and leaving possessions behind can provide them with a sense of security or comfort. After all, who needs friends when you’ve got your trusty collection of DVDs from 2006?

• It is not uncommon for narcissists to use objects as tools for emotional manipulation so leaving something significant could be part of this pattern. A gift given during happier times suddenly becomes tainted once the relationship sours; now every time you see it sitting on your dresser collecting dust bunnies (and actual bunnies), it feels like another jab at your heartstrings.

• A sudden departure without taking all possessions might indicate that the narcissist has found new supply elsewhere or is planning on returning later. “I’ll be back,” they say, like some kind of Terminator with emotional baggage. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a reflection of the victim’s worth; it just means that the narcissist has found someone new to torment for a while.

• Narcissists may leave behind items that they know their victim values in an attempt to gain leverage or control over them. If you’re thinking about burning all those love letters and teddy bears your ex left at your doorstep, think again – because they might come in handy when the narcissist inevitably tries to worm their way back into your life.

• The things left behind by a narcissist could be used as a way for them to maintain contact with their victim and continue the cycle of abuse. They want you hanging onto every little thing so that they can keep popping up in your life unexpectedly (like moldy bread) and causing chaos.

• Leaving objects behind can also serve as a reminder to the victim of the good times they had together, making it harder for them to move on from the relationship. But let’s face it: if there were really enough good times, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.

• In some cases, leaving possessions behind is simply a tactic used by narcissists to create drama and draw attention back onto themselves. Because what better way is there than leaving half-empty bottles of shampoo all over your apartment?

• Narcissistic individuals often have difficulty accepting responsibility for their actions so leaving something significant could be seen as a way for them to shift blame onto their victim. “It wasn’t me who broke our precious snow globe collection! You must have done it when I wasn’t looking!”

• A narcissist’s decision to leave belongings behind can vary depending on factors such as how quickly they are trying to exit the relationship and whether they feel like there is still something left worth fighting over. It’s like a game of chess, except the narcissist is playing with your heartstrings and you’re left wondering how to make it all stop.

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