How to trick a narcissist into leaving

β€’ Narcissists are highly sensitive to criticism and rejection: A narcissist’s ego is so fragile that the slightest hint of disapproval or negative feedback can send them running for the hills. If you want to get rid of a narcissist, all you need to do is make it clear that they’re not as great as they think they are.

β€’ Using “gray rock” technique, where the victim becomes uninteresting and boring, can make a narcissist lose interest in them: Imagine being stuck in an elevator with someone who talks about nothing but themselves. Now imagine responding with one-word answers like “cool” or “uh-huh.” That’s what gray rocking looks like – it’s dull, tedious and utterly effective.

β€’ Ignoring their attempts at provocation or drama will eventually lead them to seek attention elsewhere: Think of a toddler throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. The more you give into their demands, the worse things become. But if you ignore them completely? They’ll find something else to occupy their time (like licking windows).

β€’ Setting clear boundaries and sticking to them can force a narcissist to leave if they cannot manipulate or control the victim anymore: Boundaries are like kryptonite for narcissists; without power over others’ lives, how on earth will they survive?

β€’ Making up excuses for not spending time with them or avoiding contact altogether can also work as long as it is consistent: You know those people who always flake out on plans last minute? Be that person when dealing with your local narc!

β€’ Appealing to their ego by praising someone else’s achievements that they may feel inferior about could cause them to become jealous and leave on their own accord: You don’t have any accomplishments yourself? No problem! Just compliment BeyoncΓ© instead – same difference.

β€’ Gaslighting the narcissist by making them doubt themselves or question reality may drive them away due to confusion and frustration: “I’m sorry, I don’t remember saying that” – the perfect response when a narcissist tries to twist your words.

β€’ Creating a fake emergency or crisis that requires the narcissist’s immediate attention elsewhere can be an effective way to get them out of your life: Ever heard of the old “fake fire drill” trick? Apply it here!

β€’ Pretending to agree with everything they say and do may eventually bore them, causing them to seek more stimulating interactions elsewhere: You know what’s worse than having someone disagree with you all the time? Having someone who agrees with you too much. Snooze-fest alert!

β€’ Using reverse psychology by telling the narcissist how much you need and depend on them could make them feel trapped and want to leave on their own terms: It’s like playing chess – except instead of pawns, it’s people’s emotions at stake (and there are no winners).

β€’ Refusing to engage in arguments or debates with the narcissist will deprive them of their usual source of validation and supply, leading them to look for it elsewhere: Remember those times when you were arguing about something pointless until 3 am? Yeah… just stop doing that.

β€’ Making yourself less available over time by gradually reducing contact can cause a narcissist to lose interest as they search for new sources of admiration: The key is consistency; if you’re going cold turkey then stick with it! No half measures allowed.

β€’ Confronting the narcissist directly about their behavior may lead them to become defensive or angry, which could ultimately result in their decision to leave rather than face criticism: Think back on every argument ever had where both parties ended up yelling at each other while making zero progress. Now imagine adding ‘narcissism’ into that mix. Yikes!

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