Stages of leaving a narcissist

• The first stage of leaving a narcissist is recognizing and accepting that the relationship is toxic. It’s like realizing you’ve been drinking expired milk for months, except in this case, it’s not just your stomach that’s upset.

• Once this realization sets in, the victim may experience intense emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or guilt. Think of it as an emotional rollercoaster – without any warning signs or safety measures.

• In order to detach from the narcissist, it’s important for the victim to create boundaries and limit contact with them. Boundaries are like invisible fences that keep out unwanted visitors (or vampires).

• This can be difficult because narcissists often use manipulation tactics like gaslighting or love bombing to keep their victims hooked. It’s almost like they’re playing chess while you’re stuck playing checkers…with only half of your pieces left on the board.

• As part of the healing process, victims should seek support from friends, family members or professionals who understand what they’re going through. Remember: You don’t have to go through this alone! Reach out and ask for help when you need it.

• It’s also important for victims to practice self-care activities like exercise, meditation or therapy sessions during this time. Self-care isn’t selfish – think about putting on your oxygen mask before helping others on a plane!

• During this phase there may be moments where the victim feels tempted to go back but needs to remind themselves why they left in 1st place- Like seeing a cute puppy at a pet store after promising yourself no more pets… remember how much work goes into taking care of one?

• Over time (and with effort), survivors will begin feeling stronger emotionally and mentally until eventually they are able to move on fully from their past experiences.-It might take some time but trust me; someday soon you’ll look back at all these struggles & feel proud af knowing you overcame them.

• The next stage involves rebuilding self-esteem and confidence, which may have been shattered as a result of being with the narcissist. Confidence is like your favorite pair of jeans – it takes time to find the perfect fit but once you do, you’ll never want to take them off!

• This means rediscovering one’s own identity, interests and goals that were suppressed during the relationship. Think about it as reinventing yourself – except this time, without any input from your ex-partner (or anyone else for that matter).

• It’s important to acknowledge that healing is not linear – there may be setbacks or triggers along the way. Healing can feel like driving on a bumpy road- sometimes smooth sailing & other times potholes galore!

• During this phase, it can be helpful for survivors to educate themselves about narcissistic abuse in order to understand what they went through and how to avoid similar situations in future relationships.- Knowledge is power; arm yourself with all information possible so no one ever has control over you again!

• Another crucial aspect of leaving a narcissist is forgiveness – not necessarily forgiving the abuser but rather oneself for staying in such an unhealthy situation for so long. Forgiveness isn’t forgetting but more about letting go of anger/hurt/pain associated w/ past experiences.

• As part of moving on from the toxic relationship, survivors should also focus on creating healthy boundaries and learning how to communicate assertively in their future relationships.-It’s almost like wearing armor into battle; protect yourself by setting clear boundaries & communicating effectively!

• Ultimately, leaving a narcissist requires immense courage and strength but it is possible with support and dedication towards one’s well-being.-You got this! Remember: You are worthy of love & respect always

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