How a narcissist leaves you feeling

• You feel drained of energy and emotionally exhausted after interacting with a narcissist.

Narcissists are like emotional vampires who suck the life out of you. They constantly need attention, validation, and admiration from others to feed their ego. As a result, they drain your energy leaving you feeling depleted and exhausted.

• Narcissists often make you doubt your own reality, leaving you confused and disoriented.

Gaslighting is one of the favorite tools in the narcissist’s toolbox. By manipulating facts or denying events that happened, they can twist your perception of reality until it becomes unrecognizable. The end result? A dizzying sense of confusion that leaves you questioning everything.

• Their constant need for attention can leave you feeling unimportant or neglected.

When all eyes are on them 24/7, there’s little room left for anyone else in their lives – including partners. It’s not uncommon for people dating narcissists to feel invisible or insignificant since their needs always come second.

• A narcissist’s manipulative behavior can lead to feelings of betrayal and mistrust in relationships.

From lying about small things to cheating on significant others without any remorse whatsoever; trust is something that doesn’t exist within a relationship with a narcissistic partner.

• They may gaslight or blame you for their mistakes causing feelings of guilt or shame.

If anything goes wrong around them – it’s never because they did something wrong but rather someone else made an error which led up to this issue occurring! And if by chance they do admit fault then don’t be surprised when somehow someway YOU become responsible!

• Narcissistic abuse can cause long-term emotional trauma requiring therapy to overcome

It’s no joke dealing with these types as being involved with someone who has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) will have lasting effects even once the relationship ends. Therapy should be considered mandatory just so one could learn how NOT TO repeat the same mistake twice.

• Narcissists often project their own flaws onto others, which can leave you feeling inadequate or flawed.

They’re experts at pointing out other people’s shortcomings while ignoring their own. It’s like they have a mirror that only reflects what they want to see and nothing else!

• They may use your vulnerabilities against you to gain control and power in the relationship.

Narcissists are master manipulators who know how to push your buttons, especially when it comes to things that make you feel vulnerable. Once they find these weaknesses, they’ll exploit them for all their worth just so that YOU remain under THEIR thumb!

• A narcissist’s lack of empathy can make it difficult for them to understand or validate your emotions leaving you feeling unheard or dismissed.

When someone has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), there is no room left for anyone else but themselves! So if by chance something happens where one needs comfort from this person- don’t expect any type of emotional support as THEY will always put THEMSELVES first before anything/anyone else.

• Their constant need for admiration and validation can be exhausting and draining on those around them

It’s like being involved with an adult toddler – constantly needing praise, attention & approval otherwise tantrums ensue! And let me tell ya… trying to keep up with such demands could drain even the most patient saint!

• Narcissistic behavior can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem in their partners.

Being involved with someone who has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) could take its toll on ones mental health leading towards symptoms such as Anxiety attacks/depression episodes etc… In fact studies show time after time again showing how damaging relationships involving narcissism really are!

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