How to leave a narcissist friend

• Set clear boundaries and stick to them: Make a list of what you will and won’t tolerate from your narcissist friend. Stick to it, even if they try to guilt-trip or manipulate you into giving in.

• Avoid engaging in arguments or debates with the narcissist friend: Trust us on this one – arguing with a narcissist is like trying to teach a cat how to play fetch. It’s just not gonna happen, so save yourself the headache.

• Seek support from trusted friends, family members, or a therapist: You don’t have to go through this alone! Reach out for help from people who care about you (or at least pretend to).

• Cut off all contact if necessary for your own well-being: If things get really bad and your mental health is suffering as a result of the friendship, it may be time to cut ties completely. Just make sure you do it safely!

• Remember that it’s not your responsibility to fix their behavior or personality disorder: Repeat after me – “I am not Dr. Phil.” You can’t change someone else’s behavior unless they’re willing to put in the work themselves.

• Be prepared for potential backlash or attempts at manipulation from the narcissist friend: They’re not going down without a fight! Brace yourself for some last-ditch efforts on their part.

• Focus on self-care and building healthy relationships with others: Treat yo’ self! Spend time doing things that bring YOU joy and surround yourself with people who uplift and support you.

• Don’t feel guilty about ending the friendship – prioritize your own mental health: Guilt is an emotion reserved only for when we accidentally kill our houseplants (RIP). Prioritize YOUR needs over theirs because nobody else will do it for you!

• Start by acknowledging that leaving a narcissistic friend may be difficult but necessary for emotional wellbeing : Breaking up sucks no matter what kind of relationship it is, but it’s important to recognize that ending a friendship with a narcissist can be especially challenging. But hey, if you’ve ever broken up with someone over text at 2am because they didn’t like your favorite band – this should be easy!

• Keep in mind that the narcissistic friend may not change their behavior even if you try to address issues with them: It’s hard enough getting people who aren’t full-blown narcs to take responsibility for their actions. Trying to get through to a true blue narc is like trying to teach an elephant how to play Twister.

• Avoid making excuses or justifying their behavior – hold them accountable for how they treat you: “Oh no, I’m sure she only called me stupid and ugly because her horoscope said Mercury was in retrograde today!” Stop making excuses! Hold them responsible for treating you poorly.

• Consider writing a letter outlining your reasons for ending the friendship and setting boundaries moving forward: If confrontation isn’t your strong suit (or maybe it is and you’re looking for some extra drama), consider putting pen-to-paper (or fingers-to-keyboard) and sending off an epic break-up letter.

• If possible, avoid confrontation and instead distance yourself gradually from the narcissist friend : Sometimes ghosting is okay…especially when dealing with someone who has made themselves completely unbearable. Just make sure you do so safely!

• Remember that it’s okay to prioritize your own needs over those of others, especially when dealing with toxic relationships : You know what else is okay? Eating ice cream straight outta the tub while binge-watching reality TV. Prioritize YOURSELF first!

• Seek professional help if needed processing any emotions related leaving relationship: There are times where we all need some extra support! Don’t hesitate reaching out professionals such as therapists or counselors.

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