What happens when you leave a narcissist?

• Once you leave a narcissist, he will likely try to hoover you back in with promises of change.

– Like an overeager vacuum cleaner salesman, the narcissist will do everything they can to suck their ex-partner back into the relationship. They may promise to seek therapy or make other changes but it’s important for those who have left a toxic relationship not to fall for these empty promises.

• He may also resort to tactics such as guilt-tripping or gaslighting to make you doubt your decision to leave.

– The narcissist is like that annoying friend who always has something negative and manipulative thing to say. Don’t let them get under your skin! Remember why you made the decision to leave and stick with it.

• Narcissists often struggle with abandonment issues and may lash out at their former partners for leaving them.

– You know how toddlers throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want? Well, imagine that but instead of a toddler, it’s a grown adult throwing themselves on the floor screaming because someone dared break up with them.

• It’s not uncommon for a narcissist to smear campaign against their ex-partner after they’ve left, spreading lies and rumors about them.

– Ah yes, nothing says “I’m totally over my ex” quite like bad-mouthing them every chance you get. Just remember that this behavior reflects poorly on the person doing it more than anything else.

• In some cases, a narcissist might even stalk or harass their former partner once the relationship has ended.

– If only we could give all those creepy stalker types giant restraining orders shaped like middle fingers…but alas. Remember that there are legal options available if things escalate too far.

• The narcissist may also try manipulate children against their former partner

– Children should be kept away from any kind of manipulation by either parent during separation/divorce proceedings so both parents must be careful to protect their children from the narcissist’s influence.

• Leaving a narcissist can be emotionally and mentally exhausting as they often refuse to accept responsibility for their actions or seek help.

– It’s like trying to teach calculus to a hamster. The narcissist simply doesn’t have the capacity for self-reflection or growth, so don’t waste your energy trying to change them.

• It’s important for those leaving a narcissistic relationship to have a support system in place as it can be difficult to navigate alone.

– Friends, family, therapists – whoever you need on your team! Just make sure you surround yourself with people who will lift you up instead of bringing you down.

• Narcissists are known for having an inflated sense of entitlement and may feel entitled to continue contact with their ex-partner even after being asked not to.

– “But I’m special!” says the narcissist. Sorry pal, but everyone else gets blocked too!

• In some cases, the narcissist may move on quickly from the relationship and start dating someone new almost immediately.

– Ah yes, because nothing screams emotional maturity quite like jumping into another relationship before processing any emotions from your previous one…

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