Will a narcissist leave you alone if you ignore them?

• Ignoring a narcissist may cause them to seek attention elsewhere.

Ignoring a narcissist can be like taking away their favorite toy. They thrive on getting attention from others, and if they’re not getting it from you, they’ll look for it somewhere else. This could mean that they start pursuing someone new or ramping up the drama with other people in their life.

• Narcissists often have a sense of entitlement and may continue to pursue their target even if ignored.

Narcissists believe that the world revolves around them, so when you ignore them, it’s like slapping them in the face with reality. However, instead of accepting this truth gracefully and moving on, some narcissists will double down on their efforts to win your affection because they feel entitled to your time and attention.

• Some narcissists thrive on negative attention and will escalate their behavior in response to being ignored.

Negative attention is still better than no attention at all for some narcissists. If ignoring them doesn’t work right away, don’t be surprised if they try harder to get noticed by doing something outrageous or hurtful just so you’ll pay attention again.

• The length of time it takes for a narcissist to leave someone alone after being ignored can vary greatly depending on the individual’s personality traits and level of obsession with their target.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how long it will take a narcissist to give up chasing you once you’ve started ignoring them. It depends entirely on how obsessed they are with winning your affections back – which means anything from days (if lucky)to months (oh my god!)or years(Yes! You read that right!).

• In some cases, ignoring a narcissist can trigger feelings of abandonment or rejection which could lead to more aggressive pursuit tactics.

When dealing with someone who has an inflated ego as big as Mount Everest ,you should know there is always going 2 sides of the coin. Ignoring them can make them feel like they’re being abandoned or rejected, which can trigger a sense of insecurity and lead to more aggressive behavior from their end.

• It is important for individuals dealing with a persistent narcissistic pursuer to establish clear boundaries and seek support from trusted friends, family members, or mental health professionals.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling an obsessed narcissist . Setting boundaries early on will help you maintain control over your life while seeking support from people who care about you can give you the strength and confidence that you need in these tough times.

• Narcissists often have an inflated sense of self-importance that makes it difficult for them to accept rejection or being ignored.

Narcissists believe that they are God’s gift to humanity (or at least that’s what they think) so ignoring someone as great as themselves would mean accepting defeat. They cannot fathom why anyone wouldn’t want their attention – especially since they consider themselves superior beings!

• Some narcissists will use the silent treatment as a form of punishment when they are ignored, which can be emotionally damaging for their targets.

When all else fails ,a narcissist may resort 2 using silence as one way of punishing those who ignore them. This type of emotional manipulation is designed 2 make u feel guilty & desperate enough 2 reach out again; but don’t fall into the trap!

• If ignoring a narcissist does not work, it may be necessary to take more drastic measures such as obtaining a restraining order or seeking legal action.

Ignoring someone isn’t always going 2 solve everything- especially if we’re talking about dealing with dangerous personalities like some extreme cases involving psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissistic abusers/ stalkers etc., In such situations taking legal actions might become necessary inorder protect yourself .

• It is important for individuals dealing with a persistent narcissistic pursuer to prioritize their own safety and well-being above all else.

At the end of the day, your wellbeing is what really matters. You cannot afford to put yourself in danger just because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. If ignoring a narcissist doesn’t work or they become dangerous, it’s time 2 take charge & protect urself at any cost!

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