Will a narcissist leave you alone after divorce?

• Narcissists may continue to try and control their ex-spouse after divorce: Let’s be honest, narcissists love being in control. Even if the relationship is over, they might still feel entitled to have a say in what their ex-partner does with their life.

• They may use children as a way to maintain contact or manipulate the situation: If there are children involved, a narcissistic parent can use them as pawns in their game of manipulation. It’s important for both parents to establish clear boundaries about communication and co-parenting.

• Some narcissists will move on quickly, while others may hold onto resentment and seek revenge: Depending on how invested the narcissist was in the relationship (or lack thereof), they could either move on swiftly or harbor negative feelings towards their ex-spouse. Revenge isn’t always sweet though; it usually just leaves everyone feeling bitter.

• If an ex-partner is no longer providing attention or validation, some narcissists may lose interest in pursuing them: Attention-seeking behavior is one of the hallmarks of a true-blue narcissist. Once that source dries up, they might turn elsewhere for validation instead of continuing to pursue someone who won’t give them what they want.

• However, if they feel threatened by their ex’s independence or new relationships, they may become more persistent in trying to regain control: A confident and independent partner can be intimidating for anyone – especially a person whose self-worth relies heavily on external factors like attention from others. The fear of losing power over someone else might cause them to act out even more than usual.

• Narcissists may try to use legal avenues such as custody battles or property disputes to maintain contact with their ex-spouse: When all other methods fail (and sometimes even when they don’t), some people resort to using lawyers and courtrooms as weapons against those who’ve “wronged” them. This strategy doesn’t usually end well for anyone involved.

• Some narcissists may attempt to smear their ex’s reputation or spread false rumors about them after divorce: Gossiping and spreading lies is never a good look, but it can be especially harmful when done by someone with an inflated ego who wants to make themselves look better at the expense of others.

• If a narcissist finds a new source of attention and validation, they may be more likely to leave their ex alone: Once again, if there’s someone else around giving them the praise and adoration they crave so much, they might forget all about their previous obsession. Good riddance!

• However, if the new relationship ends or the new partner does not provide enough attention, the narcissist may return to pursuing their ex-spouse again: Unfortunately for those hoping that their nightmare has ended forever – sometimes it just takes one bad date (or even no dates at all) for these people to come crawling back.

• It is important for individuals dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner to set clear boundaries and seek support from friends, family, or professionals: Dealing with a person like this on your own isn’t easy. Having supportive people in your corner can help you stay strong in enforcing your boundaries while also providing emotional backup when needed.

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