Commitment phobes and long distance

• Long distance relationships can be particularly challenging for commitment phobes.

– The idea of being in a relationship with someone who is not physically present can seem daunting to those who are already scared of settling down. It’s like trying to build a sandcastle when the beach is miles away.

• Commitment phobes may struggle with the idea of settling down in a long distance relationship.

– Settling down requires making plans, and let’s face it – planning ahead isn’t exactly their forte. They’d rather wing it and hope for the best.

• The lack of physical proximity in a long distance relationship can exacerbate commitment issues.

– When you’re far away from your partner, doubts about whether or not they’re “the one” can start creeping up on you faster than an ex after seeing your Instagram story.

• Some commitment phobes may use the distance as an excuse to avoid fully committing to their partner.

– “Sorry babe, I would totally move across the country for you if we weren’t so far apart right now.” Yeah…sure thing buddy.

• Trust is especially important in a long distance relationship, which can be difficult for those with commitment issues.

– For people who have trouble trusting others (and themselves), building trust over phone calls and video chats might feel like trying to teach calculus to a cat.

• Communication and transparency are key factors that help overcome challenges faced by commitment-phobic individuals in long-distance relationships.

– If communication were easy, everyone would do it well. But nope! These folks need extra support because opening up emotionally feels riskier than jumping out of plane without checking your parachute first.

• Partnering up with someone who also has difficulty making commitments could lead to both parties avoiding taking any steps forward or creating progress together.

– Two wrongs don’t make a right – unless we’re talking about two slices of pizza that make a whole pie. In relationships, it’s best to find someone who complements you, not mirrors your flaws.

• A commitment phobe in a long distance relationship may find themselves feeling trapped or suffocated by the expectations of their partner.

– It’s like being stuck in a room with no windows and no doors – except there is Wi-Fi so you can still browse memes while avoiding texts from bae.

• The fear of missing out on other potential romantic opportunities can be heightened for commitment phobes in long distance relationships.

– When the grass always seems greener on the other side (and that “other side” is miles away), it’s easy to start questioning whether this relationship is worth sticking around for.

• Commitment phobes may struggle with making future plans, which is an important aspect of any long distance relationship.

– Making future plans requires envisioning yourself doing something more than 5 minutes from now…which might as well be rocket science when you’re scared of committing to anything beyond what snacks to eat tonight.

• It’s possible for someone to have commitment issues specifically related to long distance relationships, even if they are comfortable with commitment otherwise.

– Just because someone has been able to commit before doesn’t mean they’ll feel ready or willing when faced with different circumstances. Long-distance love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

• Long distance relationships require a high level of emotional investment and vulnerability, something that can be difficult for those with commitment issues.

– Being emotionally vulnerable feels about as safe as walking through a dark alley at night wearing nothing but meat pants. But hey! At least emotions don’t attract bears…right?

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