Commitment phobes and texting

• Commitment phobes may avoid texting or delay responding as a way to maintain emotional distance.

– If you’re dealing with a commitment-phobe, don’t be surprised if they take their sweet time responding to your text messages. They might need the space and time away from constant communication in order to keep those pesky feelings at bay.

• They might also engage in sporadic and inconsistent communication through text messages.

– One day you’ll get paragraphs of heartfelt texts that make your heart flutter like a butterfly on steroids, while other days…crickets. It can be frustrating but it’s just part of the package deal when dating someone who is afraid of commitment.

• Texting can be a source of anxiety for commitment phobes, who fear being trapped or obligated by their responses.

– The thought of having to respond promptly and consistently via text message feels suffocating to them. What if they say something wrong? Or worse yet, what if they accidentally agree to plans three months down the road?

• Some commitment phobes may use texting as a tool for maintaining multiple romantic options without committing to any one person.

– Ah yes, the classic “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” excuse we’ve all heard before. Don’t fall victim! Just because someone seems interested doesn’t mean they’re ready (or willing) to commit.

• Others may simply prefer face-to-face communication over digital interactions like texting.

– Who needs emojis and acronyms when you have good old-fashioned eye contact? For some people, nothing beats seeing each other in person rather than hiding behind screens.

• Commitment phobes may be more likely to initiate text conversations than phone calls or in-person meetings.

– Because let’s face it – starting up an actual conversation requires effort and vulnerability. With texting, there’s less pressure since everything is done at arm’s length (literally).

• They might also use texting as a way to test the waters and gauge their level of interest before committing further.

– Think of it like dipping your toes in the water before jumping headfirst into a pool. Commitment-phobes might be hesitant to take things too far, so they’ll use texting as a trial run.

• Texting can provide commitment phobes with a sense of control over the pace and direction of their relationships.

– Who needs spontaneity when you have carefully crafted text messages? For those who fear being trapped or obligated by their partners, having that extra bit of control is key.

• Some commitment phobes may avoid using certain types of emojis or language that suggest intimacy or emotional vulnerability when texting.

– You won’t find any heart-eyed emojis or “I love you’s” coming from these guys (or gals). They’re masters at keeping things light and breezy – even through text message!

• In some cases, commitment phobes may even ghost someone they have been texting rather than face the discomfort of ending things directly.

– It’s not ideal but unfortunately it happens all too often. If someone suddenly stops responding to your texts out of nowhere…well, let’s just say there’s a good chance they’re afraid to commit!

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