Commitment phobes love the chase

• Commitment phobes tend to enjoy the thrill of pursuing someone they’re interested in.

Commitment-phobic individuals are often drawn to the chase because it’s like a game. They get an adrenaline rush from trying to win over their love interest and feel accomplished when they succeed. It’s kind of like playing Mario Kart, except instead of racing go-karts, you’re chasing after people who may or may not be interested in you.

• They may feel a sense of accomplishment or validation when they successfully win over their love interest.

For commitment phobes, winning someone over can be a huge confidence boost. It validates that they have what it takes to attract another person and gives them something to brag about at brunch with their friends (because let’s face it, we all know those types).

• However, once the chase is over and a relationship becomes more serious, commitment phobes may start to feel trapped or suffocated.

The problem with committing for some people is that eventually real life sets in. The honeymoon phase fades away and suddenly there are expectations and responsibilities involved. For commitment-phobic folks, this can trigger feelings of being trapped or suffocated – similar to how I felt during my last attempt at yoga class.

• This can lead them to pull away or end the relationship altogether.

When things start getting too intense for comfort levels set by these individuals’ fear-based mindset around relationships; pulling away seems easier than diving into emotional waters where vulnerability lies ahead- so ending things might seem like less work overall!

• Some commitment phobes may also struggle with intimacy and vulnerability which makes it difficult for them fully commiting themselves into any long term commitments

It’s true! Intimacy requires opening yourself up emotionally which isn’t easy if your heart has been hurt before – especially if your ex was as bad as mine always leaving his socks on top of pizza boxes while he played video games all day long.

• The fear of losing their independence or freedom can also be a driving factor behind commitment-phobic behavior.

The thought of having to answer to someone else, share your space with them and give up some of the things you love doing on your own time is enough to make any independent person balk. Commitment phobes are no exception!

• It’s important for those dating someone who exhibits signs of commitment phobia to have open communication about expectations and boundaries early on in the relationship.

Communication is key! If you’re seeing red flags from your partner that they might not want something serious; it’s best to get everything out in the open before investing too much time into something that may never work out anyway (like my attempt at becoming a vegan).

• Commitment-phobic tendencies often stem from deeper emotional issues or fears about intimacy

It’s true – sometimes people avoid committing because they’ve been hurt before. Other times there could be underlying psychological reasons like attachment disorders which makes it difficult for individuals connect intimately without feeling threatened by abandonment issues- just like how I feel when I see an empty pizza box these days 🙁

• Some commitment phobes may also use the chase as a way to boost their ego or self-esteem.

For some people, winning over another person feels like validation that they’re attractive and desirable. But then again, so does getting 100 likes on Instagram – but at least we don’t have our hearts involved there!

• It’s important for individuals struggling with commitment-phobic tendencies seek therapy or support in order work through underlying anxieties and patterns.

If you think you might be afraid of committing yourself emotionally due past experiences or other factors beyond control – seeking professional help can really do wonders! Trust me; if therapy helped me survive high school gym class where dodgeball was mandatory every Friday afternoon- it’ll definitely help anyone overcome their fears around relationships too!

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