How to Say Sorry to Boyfriend in a Romantic Way

Getting hurt and hurting others seem to be a regular part of any relationship. There are disappointments from unmet expectations, lies, cheating, and even unintentional mistakes that lead to broken hearts. As it is a regular part of relationships, it is important to know how to turn such situations around and take these scenarios as opportunities of showing your boyfriend how much he means to you as you apologize for what you have done may it be deliberate or not. Real life is far from fairy tales but you can still have the power to create a happily ever after.

Here are some ways on how to say sorry to boyfriend in romantic ways:

  • Get him back with a background. If you have access to your boyfriend’s smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, then you can get created with pictures of you two, or things that are special in your relationship like where you had your first date, your first movie, first gifts, and so on. Take him to a trip down memory lane and use it as wallpaper on his gadget. However, if you cannot make time for that, you can simply hold a paper saying “I’m sorry”.
  • Healing Hug. Heal his pains with a sweet and sincere sorry sealed with a bear hug to make him feel your sincerity. A hug speaks volume more than words and no one can stay angry for a long time when they feel the warmth of their loved one’s body. Hugs have some serious healing powers and it can soothe tiredness, weariness, and even pains. However, what most people do not know is that you can get healed both when getting and giving a hug. It allows you to express emotions that you cannot accurately express in words.
  • Food Fight no more. Get your apology to your boyfriend’s heart through his stomach. Cook his favorite food or order it if you do not know how to cook. One of the most effective ways is to bake a cake or cupcakes for him as its frosting will give you the perfect canvas for your message of apology. It is, literally and figuratively a sweet way to tell him how sorry you are for hurting him. However, if you choose to cook him a meal, you can simply leave a short note (or a long one) asking for apology.
  • Sorry Sounds. You can tell your boyfriend you are sorry through songs. Create a mix tape, CD, or a collection of MP3s with songs saying sorry. Just make sure that these songs are within his favorite genre so it will be even more pleasurable for him to listen to. Let his favorite music artists get your message across to him.

It is important to capitalize on your boyfriend’s interests to make sure that he will appreciate your gestures. Get to know your boyfriend well to be able which among these ways on how to say sorry to boyfriend in romantic ways will work for him.


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