Polyfidelity Vs Polyamory

• Polyfidelity is like a secret club where you and your partners are the only members, and it’s so exclusive that even BeyoncĂ© can’t get in.

• In polyfidelity, everyone agrees to be each other’s one and only squeeze; it’s like having a romantic monopoly within your group.

• Picture this: three or more lovebirds who have made a pact to stick together through thick and thin, forsaking all others. It’s basically relationship Avengers assembling!

• Unlike polyamory, which is like an open buffet of love with no restrictions on sampling different dishes, polyfidelity keeps things monogamous within its little posse – think of it as the VIP section of non-monogamy.

• Polyamory lets you juggle multiple relationships at once while doing acrobatics on the tightrope of romance; there are no limits to how many hearts you can capture (as long as they consent). It’s like being a dating superhero with an unlimited supply of capes!

• You’ll find various flavors in the world of polyamory – from casual flings to serious partnerships – without any need for exclusivity labels. It’s like going to Baskin-Robbins but never having to choose just one scoop.

• While both require mad skills in communication and trust-building exercises that would make Cirque du Soleil performers jealous, polyfidelity takes those skills up a notch by focusing exclusively on deep connections among its chosen few.

• Polyamory gives you freedom galore! Think about exploring new connections while keeping existing ones intact – it’s like playing chess with emotions instead of pawns; strategic moves required!

• Imagine being part of an emotional fortress filled with loyal companionship where every member has each other’s backs—polyfidelity offers security blankets woven from commitment threads stronger than Thor’s hammer!

• In the land of polyfidelity, small groups rule supreme; it’s like having your own personal Avengers team, but instead of saving the world from supervillains, you’re saving each other from loneliness.

• In polyfidelity, forget about swiping right or left on dating apps – all the action happens within your exclusive group. It’s like a private party where outsiders aren’t welcome unless they know the secret handshake!

• Polyamory is like being an emotional butterfly fluttering freely between flowers, exploring connections with different people outside established relationships. You’re basically a social butterfly with extra wings!

• Unlike polyamory that allows for varying levels of commitment in each relationship (from casual to serious), polyfidelity demands equal dedication and devotion among its members – it’s like everyone gets their own slice of love pie without any crumbs left behind.

• Just as bouncers guard nightclub entrances, polyfidelitous groups set rules about who can join their intimate soirée and how new partners are added. It’s like running a high-class establishment where only VIPs get past velvet ropes.

• Picture this: while both challenge traditional monogamy by offering alternative relationship structures, polyamory dances through life embracing change and fluidity whereas polyfidelity prefers to tango exclusively with its chosen partners—strictly no salsa allowed!

• Whether you choose multiple romantic adventures or opt for deep exclusivity within a tight-knit group, open communication and boundary negotiations become your superpowers – trust me when I say these skills will make Superman green with envy!

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