Narcissist fear of commitment

• Narcissists often fear commitment because they prioritize their own needs and desires above those of others. Let’s face it, narcissists are all about themselves! They love to be the center of attention and crave constant admiration from others. Committing to a relationship means that they have to consider someone else’s feelings, which can be challenging for them.

• They may struggle with the idea of compromising or sacrificing for a partner in a committed relationship. Narcissists don’t like giving up anything – whether it’s their time, energy, or resources. In a committed relationship, compromise is key but this goes against everything that narcissists stand for!

• Narcissists may also fear losing their sense of independence and autonomy if they commit to someone else. Independence is important to everyone but especially so for narcissistic individuals who thrive on being self-sufficient and doing things on their own terms.

• Their desire for constant admiration and attention can make it difficult to maintain long-term relationships as partners may eventually tire of constantly catering to their narcissistic tendencies. It’s hard work keeping up with a narcissist! Partners quickly realize that no matter how much effort they put into the relationship, it will never be enough.

• Additionally, narcissists tend to have an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement which can lead them to believe that they are too good for anyone who is willing to commit to them. After all, why settle when you’re amazing?

• Narcissists may also fear being exposed or vulnerable in a committed relationship as it could potentially damage their self-image. Vulnerability? Not something most people associate with narcissism! But deep down inside even these individuals worry about getting hurt emotionally.

• They often have unrealistic expectations of what a partner should be and how they should behave which can lead disappointment & dissatisfaction in relationships.Who wouldn’t want perfection? Unfortunately this isn’t always possible in real life leading many narcisstistic individuals to be disappointed.

• Narcissistic individuals tend to struggle with empathy and emotional connection, making it difficult for them to form deep bonds with others. Empathy? Emotional Connection? These are foreign concepts for a narcissist who is more concerned about their own needs than the feelings of others.

• Their tendency towards grandiosity and exaggeration can make it challenging for them to see the value in everyday aspects of a committed relationship. When you’re used to being surrounded by luxury, everyday things just don’t cut it! This makes it hard for narcissists to appreciate all the little things that make up a healthy relationship.

• Finally, narcissists may use commitment phobia as a way to maintain control over their partners by keeping them at arm’s length. Control is key when dealing with narcissistic personalities – they want everything on their terms or not at all!

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