Good Questions to Ask a Married Man

• What initially attracted you to your spouse?

– Did they have a dazzling smile that could light up a room, or was it their quirky sense of humor that reeled you in like a fish on a line?

• How do you and your spouse handle conflicts in your relationship?

– Do you engage in epic battles with swords drawn, or are you more of the “let’s talk it out over ice cream” kind of couple?

• Can you share any advice for maintaining a strong marriage?

– Spill the beans! Are there secret love potions involved, or is it all about compromising over who gets control of the TV remote?

• What are some of the biggest challenges that come with being married?

– Is it trying to agree on which way the toilet paper should hang (over or under), or perhaps navigating through those treacherous socks left scattered around the house?

• Have there been any unexpected surprises or changes since getting married?

– Did one day your partner suddenly reveal an obsession with collecting garden gnomes, leaving you wondering if this is what true love truly looks like?

• Do you have any favorite traditions or rituals as a couple?

– Maybe every Friday night involves dancing around the living room wearing matching onesies while belting out karaoke songs. Sharing is caring!

• How do you balance work, family, and personal time within your marriage?

– Is it like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle? Or maybe just sneaking off to binge-watch Netflix together when no one’s looking.

• Is there anything from your single life that you miss now that

*you’re married?

Perhaps late-night pizza runs without judgmental stares from someone else sitting next to them eating kale chips.

• What role does communication play in keeping your marriage healthy and happy?

Does sending each other memes count as deep conversations these days? Asking for a friend.

• Are there specific goals or dreams that both of you are working towards together?

Is it becoming the ultimate power couple, ruling the world one taco at a time?

• How do you and your spouse keep the romance alive in your marriage?

– Do candlelit dinners involve ordering takeout while wearing sweatpants, or is it more like reenacting scenes from romantic movies with dramatic music playing in the background?

• Have there been any major milestones or achievements that you and

*your spouse have celebrated together?

Did winning a heated game of Monopoly finally prove who’s boss in this relationship?

• What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned about love and commitment through being married?

– Does “never go to bed angry” really work, or is it just an excuse to stay up all night arguing over whose turn it is to walk the dog?

• Can you share any tips for maintaining a strong emotional connection with your spouse?

– Is sending them cute animal videos throughout the day considered emotional bonding now? As long as they’re not allergic to cats!

• How do you navigate making important decisions as a couple,

*such as finances or career choices?

Flip coins? Rock-paper-scissors tournaments? Or maybe just letting fate decide by spinning a wheel labeled “responsibilities.”

• Do you believe in having separate hobbies/interests within

*a marriage? Why or why not?

Should couples always stick together like glue, sharing every single interest known to humankind, or can they occasionally enjoy their own personal obsessions (like collecting rubber ducks)?

• Are there any specific ways in which your relationship has evolved since getting married?

Has going from calling each other “honey” to referring to each other by celebrity nicknames become part of marital growth these days?

• How do you show appreciation for each other on a regular basis within your marriage?

– Is it through love notes hidden in lunchboxes, or maybe just not hogging the blanket during those chilly nights?

• In what ways does trust play a significant role in building a successful marital bond?

Do you have to pass secret spy tests like deciphering coded messages or sneaking into each other’s phones at midnight?

• Can you provide examples of how compromise is essential to sustaining a healthy marriage?

Does agreeing to watch one episode of their favorite TV show while they agree to try out that new vegan restaurant count as compromising?

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