Flirty This or That Questions to Ask a Guy

• “Do you prefer a romantic candlelit dinner or a fun night out at the amusement park?” – Are you more into savoring delicious food while gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, or are you all about getting your adrenaline pumping on roller coasters and winning oversized stuffed animals for your crush?

• “Would you rather receive sweet text messages throughout the day or surprise visits from your crush?” – Do you want to be constantly reminded of their affection through cute texts that make your heart skip a beat, or do you crave those unexpected moments when they show up at your door with a mischievous grin?

• “Are you more attracted to someone who is confident and outgoing, or someone who is mysterious and reserved?” – Does confidence and charm win over your heart, making it flutter like crazy? Or does the allure of unraveling the layers of mystery surrounding an introverted soul intrigue you even more?

• “If given the choice, would you pick a passionate kiss in the rain or cuddling by the fireplace on a cold winter’s night?” – Picture this: A steamy lip-lock amidst pouring raindrops that leaves both of you breathless OR snuggling up under cozy blankets next to crackling flames as snowflakes dance outside. Which one sets fire to your desires?

• “Is it more exciting for you to have deep conversations about life and dreams, or engage in playful banter with your love interest?” – Are meaningful discussions that explore profound topics what truly captivate your attention? Or do witty exchanges filled with teasing remarks bring out that cheeky smile we can’t resist?

• “When flirting, do you enjoy sending flirtatious emojis or leaving subtle compliments in conversation?” – 😘🔥 Do flirty emojis convey everything words cannot express? Or are well-placed compliments slipped into conversations like little surprises much more effective at melting hearts?

• “Which scenario sounds more appealing: going on an adventurous road trip together or spending a cozy weekend getaway at a secluded cabin?” – Buckle up for thrilling adventures and spontaneous detours, or escape to a serene hideaway where you can cuddle by the fire and create unforgettable memories? The choice is yours!

• “In terms of physical attraction, are you drawn to captivating eyes that can hold your gaze effortlessly, or an infectious smile that lights up any room?” – Are mesmerizing eyes like deep pools of enchantment what captivate your attention? Or does a dazzling smile radiating warmth and joy have the power to make your heart skip a beat?

• “Would you rather be surprised with tickets to see your favorite band live in concert or receive handwritten love letters expressing admiration and affection?” – Rock out together amidst thousands of screaming fans as your favorite tunes fill the air OR cherish heartfelt words penned with love on paper that capture every ounce of adoration they feel for you. Which one would leave you speechless?

• “When flirting, do you prefer to playfully tease your crush or shower them with compliments?” – Is teasing their weakness what gets their heart racing faster than Usain Bolt’s sprint? Or does lavishing them with genuine compliments turn them into mushy puddles unable to resist falling head over heels for you?

• “Would you rather receive a flirty text message in the morning to start your day off right or a late-night phone call that keeps you up talking for hours?” – Rise and shine! Wake up feeling like sunshine itself after reading those flirtatious texts OR stay up all night wrapped in conversations so engaging they could rival Netflix binge-watching sessions. What tickles your fancy more?

• “Are you more attracted to someone who is confident and assertive in their approach, or someone who is subtly flirtatious and leaves room for intrigue?” – Does boldness mixed with confidence send shivers down your spine while making your heart race? Or does the allure of a subtle flirt who leaves you guessing and craving more make them irresistible?

• “Do you enjoy being challenged intellectually during flirty conversations or would you rather keep things light-hearted and fun?” – Are intellectual battles filled with witty banter what truly ignite your passion for someone? Or is it all about keeping the atmosphere playful, carefree, and bursting with laughter that wins your heart over?

• “If given the choice, would you opt for a romantic date night at a fancy restaurant or an intimate picnic under the stars?” – Picture this: A candlelit dinner in an elegant establishment where every bite feels like heaven OR spreading out a cozy blanket beneath twinkling stars while indulging in delicious homemade treats. Which one sets the stage for romance according to your taste buds?

• “When it comes to physical touch, are gentle caresses on the arm more enticing than playful tickling as part of flirtation?” – Does feeling their soft touch gently gliding along your arm send tingles down your spine? Or do those mischievous tickles that turn into contagious giggles create sparks flying between both of you?

• “In terms of humor, do witty comebacks and banter make flirting more enjoyable for you or does subtle sarcasm hold greater appeal?” – Can anything beat sharp wit combined with clever comebacks that leave everyone chuckling non-stop when it comes to flirting? Or does subtly laced sarcasm add an extra layer of intrigue that keeps things intriguingly spicy?

• “Would receiving unexpected flowers at work from your crush brighten your day more than finding surprise love notes hidden throughout your belongings?” – Imagine walking into work only to be greeted by fragrant blooms delivered straight from their heart OR stumbling upon secret love notes tucked away in places they know will bring joy. Which gesture melts away stress faster than ice cream on a hot summer’s day?

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