Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

• What’s your favorite way to be flirted with? – Find out what really gets his heart racing and make sure you have those moves in your flirty arsenal!

• Can you describe the sexiest outfit you’ve ever seen someone wear? – Get him reminiscing about some steamy fashion moments while also giving yourself some inspiration for future date nights.

• If we were alone right now, what would you want to do to me? – Oh boy, get ready for a blush-worthy answer! This question will surely ignite the passion between you two.

• Have you ever had a dream about me? Care to share it? – Dive into the depths of his subconscious mind and see if he has any juicy dreams starring none other than…you!

• What’s the most attractive quality in a woman that isn’t physical? – Show him that looks aren’t everything by getting him talking about those irresistible non-physical qualities that make your connection so special.

• Do you think I look better in jeans or a dress/suit? – Give him an opportunity to swoon over both your casual and dressed-up styles. His answer might surprise (and delight) you!

• How do I make your heart race without even touching you? – Unleash his inner poet as he tries to put into words how simply being around each other sets off fireworks within.

• Would you rather receive cute flirty texts throughout the day or have surprise visits from me at work/college/etc.? – Playfully test whether he prefers sweet digital love notes or exciting real-life surprises. Just remember not to show up unannounced too often—stalker vibes are never sexy!

• What’s the naughtiest thing on your bucket list that involves both of us? – Buckle up for this one! Discovering shared fantasies can lead down an exhilarating path of exploration together.

• If we were to go on a romantic getaway, where would you want us to escape to? – Time for some travel daydreaming! See where his wanderlust takes him and start planning your next adventure together.

• What’s the most memorable compliment someone has given you about your looks? – Boost his ego a bit by asking about those flattering compliments he’s received in the past. It’s like giving him a confidence injection!

• Can you teach me a flirty dance move that always works for you? – Get ready to bust out some smooth moves as he shares his secret weapon on the dance floor, guaranteeing smiles, laughter, and maybe even an impromptu living room dance party!

• If I were to surprise you with breakfast in bed, what would be your dream meal? – Find out how to win his heart (and stomach) first thing in the morning by discovering his ultimate breakfast fantasy.

• Do you have any secret talents or skills that could impress me? – Unleash his inner showman as he reveals hidden abilities that might leave you swooning and wondering why he never auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

• Would you rather receive playful teasing or sweet compliments from me when we’re alone together? – Explore whether he prefers lighthearted banter or heartfelt affirmations during intimate moments. Either way, it’ll make both of your hearts flutter.

• What’s the boldest pickup line someone has ever used on you and did it work? – Prepare yourself for potentially cringe-worthy pick-up lines while also gaining insight into what gets this guy weak at the knees…or running away screaming!

• How do I make your heart skip a beat every time I walk into the room? – Discover those little gestures or qualities that make him weak in the knees whenever he sees your beautiful face approaching.

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