What Are Some Juicy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend?

• What is your wildest fantasy that you’ve never shared with anyone?

– Unleash his imagination and get a glimpse into the depths of his desires. Who knows, it might involve unicorns, chocolate fountains, or even a spaceship!

• Have you ever had a secret crush on one of my friends or family members?

– Time to dig into some potential hidden attractions! Brace yourself for surprises and awkward revelations.

• Describe the most adventurous place you would like to have sex.

– Prepare for an adventure-packed answer that could range from skydiving mid-action to getting frisky in a haunted house. Let your imaginations run wild!

• If we were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with us?

– Discover if he values survival skills over comfort by finding out whether he’d choose matches, food rations, or perhaps…a portable massage chair?

• Have you ever cheated in a previous relationship and why did it happen?

– Delve into the realm of honesty as he shares past mistakes (if any). Find out if it was due to irresistible temptation or simply because they ran out of toilet paper at their partner’s place.

• What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in public without getting caught?

– Prepare for tales of stealthy escapades involving crowded movie theaters, libraries filled with “adult” books hiding innocent covers, or maybe just sneaking extra cheese packets from fast-food joints!

• Share your favorite role-play scenario that turns you on.

– Get ready for some intriguing stories where he transforms into anything from an undercover spy seducing enemies to Batman rescuing Gotham City – complete with costumes and all!

• Do you prefer being dominant or submissive in the bedroom? Why?

– Dive deep into his preferences between taking charge like King Kong atop skyscrapers or surrendering control like Simba bowing before Rafiki. It’s time to explore his inner lion!

• Who was your first celebrity crush and why were they so appealing to you?

– Uncover the nostalgic memories of his teenage heartthrob, whether it’s Jennifer Aniston with her iconic hairstyle or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic – prepare for a swooning trip down memory lane.

• Have you ever had a steamy dream about someone other than me?

– Brace yourself for potential jealousy-inducing revelations as he spills the beans on dreams that may involve Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, or even Betty White (hey, no judgments here!).

• What is the most adventurous sexual experience you’ve had, and would you want to repeat it?

– Get ready for tales of passion-filled adventures that might include skinny dipping under moonlit waterfalls or experimenting with gravity-defying positions worthy of Cirque du Soleil!

• Share your thoughts on having a threesome or exploring non-monogamy.

– Prepare for an open-minded conversation where boundaries are tested and curiosity takes center stage. Will he embrace new horizons like Indiana Jones seeking hidden treasures?

• If we could try any new sex position together, which one would you choose?

– Let him unleash his creativity by choosing from an array of tantalizing options: The Pretzel Twist? The Reverse Cowgirl Tango? Or maybe something entirely out-of-this-world like “The Lunar Eclipse”?

• Describe your ultimate role-playing scenario that involves both of us.

– Time to bring fantasies into reality! Discover if he envisions being star-crossed lovers amidst a Shakespearean drama or perhaps playing superheroes saving humanity while wearing spandex suits.

• Have you ever fantasized about being with another man? Why or why not?

– Dive into uncharted waters as he reveals secret desires involving dashing gentlemen who make James Bond look like an amateur spy. Just remember, fantasy doesn’t always mean reality!

• What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever wanted to try but haven’t yet?

– Get ready for a rollercoaster of desires that might involve silk blindfolds, feather ticklers, or even edible underwear. Prepare yourself for some wild and untamed suggestions!

• Do you have any specific fetishes that turn you on? Care to share them?

– Unleash his inner Fifty Shades as he reveals secret passions involving leather, latex, or maybe just an insatiable love for feet massages. Time to explore uncharted territories together!

• Would you be open to trying out bondage or BDSM in our relationship?

– Dive into a conversation about trust, boundaries, and exploring new realms of pleasure. Will he embrace handcuffs and safe words like Indiana Jones embracing ancient relics?

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