Married Man likes me at Work!

Love at the workplace is not something rare. You spend hours with each other on a daily basis. There are times when you have to work together closely and that you may have to work overtime with your colleagues. That is why it is no wonder that attractions start and romance brews in the workplace. However, one of the most common problems with such situations is that often, it happens between someone who is married and someone who is not. At times, it even happens to those who are both married. Now, how can you tell if a married man likes you at work?

  • Up stares. You may catch him staring at you often. Whenever you catch him staring, there are only two things that he does – it’s either he holds your gaze and you find yourself on a stare off or he blushes and looks embarrass that you caught him staring at you. It sounds like something that high school students would do but it is a common sign that a married man likes you at work as well. Also, whenever he talks to you, you may notice that he maintains eye contact with you more than he does with others.
  • Accidentally in sight. If you feel like you are bumping into each other more often than usual, especially when he has no business hanging around within your sight, then it is possible that he is looking for or creating reasons to get close to you. Men can be quite creative when it comes to such tasks. You may also notice that he seems to be the one who initiates conversation with you whenever you’re around.
  • This Appearance. Compliments are great especially when they are sincere. However, these compliments can also be a sign that a married man at work likes you. When it is purely work-related, you may get compliments about being hard-working, about being diligent, or for a recent accomplishment. However, when a married co-worker compliments you on how you look or just about anything about your appearance, it is a tell-tale sign that he is into you.
  • Alone unnaturally. You may notice that he always finds excuses to be alone with you or to work alone with you. In times when he gets the chance to be alone with you, it’s either he does everything to impress you or he just can’t stop fidgeting because of nervousness.
  • Blurred boundaries. While small talk is OK for acquaintances, a married man who likes you may have special interest on your personal life as well. He may ask questions that you may be uncomfortable answering. This just shows that he is interested with what you do beyond work. He may have even more interest about your romantic relationships that he may directly or indirectly ask if you are dating somebody or if you are single.

You need to understand that you need to respect relationships and even moreso, you need to respect yourself. If a married man likes you at work, then it is best to keep distance and let him know that you do not settle for sharing when you can have a man all for yourself.

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