Is He Flirting or Just Being Nice at Work?

Context is everything. Common flirty behaviors in casual settings only count in the workplace if: a) it’s not a normal part of the job, or b) he doesn’t do it to anyone else that he’s not interested in. Remember that this isn’t an exact science so try to see patterns of several different signs (and many guys are very good at hiding their true feelings).

• Body proximity: Leaning over a desk towards you because he needs to point out something important on a document or computer screen? It’s called working. Standing a little too close during small talk? It could be something more.

• Nervousness and excitement: Another possible sign of interest, unless: a) you’re his superior, b) he just got promoted or c) he has anxiety around everyone else.

• Blushing: Is it summer and is the air conditioning broken? Did something embarrassing just happen? Did he eat something a bit too spicy for lunch? If you’ve try your best but can’t find any real reason why his face consistently turns red whenever he sees y or talks to you, there’s reason for you to start blushing yourself.

• Body contact: Holding hands or embracing as part of a choreographed public performance, photoshoot or video obviously doesn’t mean anything on its own. Of course this doesn’t mean these can’t be a catalyst for creating feelings that weren’t there before – humans aren’t machines after all.

• More attentiveness compared to when interacting with other coworkers, showing irritation when anyone cuts in and putting off work to talk to you are signs he’s into you.

• Remembering things you said or did, especially if it’s detailed, is a positive sign. Make that a negative if it was something embarrassing like throwing up in front of your boss.

• Personal questions: These are usually off-limits in a professional setting especially during the hiring process, so it’s a big sign of interest.

• Flaunting his abilities, accomplishments or possessions could be to get your attention – unless he’s an egomaniac who does that to everyone.

• Complimenting: It could be flirting if he tells you your hair looks nice today – unless he goes on to compliment everyone else at work.

• Emphasizing commonalities with each other is flirting.

• Creating excuses to see you: Is there a possibility he’s a corporate spy wanting to glean important company secrets from you? No? Then there’s a possibility that he’s into you.

• Smiling: A quick, polite “mouth smile” while thanking you for a workplace favor is just being nice. Smiling a lot (especially if his teeth show) whenever you meet eyes or interact could be flirting.

• Eye contact: Looking at you while discussing something important related to work, observing you when training you for new skills or anything that makes it necessary to look at you probably just means he’s doing his job. On the other hand if he stare or tries to catch glimpses of you from across the room for no apparent reason, something else could be going on.

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