Questions to Ask a Guy in an Arranged Marriage

• What are your expectations and goals for the marriage? Are you looking for a partner who shares common dreams and aspirations, or are you more focused on building a solid foundation of friendship and companionship?

• How do you envision our roles and responsibilities as a married couple? Do you see yourself as the king of DIY projects while I reign over culinary adventures, or are we more like partners in crime tackling everything together?

• Are there any specific cultural or religious practices that are important to you in a marriage? Will we be dancing at weddings like nobody’s watching or fasting during festivals with discipline (and occasional hunger-induced grumpiness)?

• What is your communication style and how do you handle conflicts? Should I brace myself for passionate debates where words fly faster than Usain Bolt, or can we peacefully discuss our differences over cups of tea without turning into drama queens?

• Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to pursue after marriage? Can I expect us to embark on epic gaming marathons together, conquer mountains (both metaphorical and literal), or maybe even start an amateur ukulele band in our living room?

• How do you feel about having children, and what kind of parenting approach do you prefer? Are we destined to become cool parents who embrace chaos with open arms, raising mini superheroes ready to take over the world one tantrum at a time?

• Have you had any past relationships? If yes, what did those experiences teach you about yourself and relationships in general? Did they leave scars that make great conversation starters around campfires, or were they valuable lessons that shaped your understanding of love?

• How do you manage finances, and what are your views on financial independence within a marriage? Is it all about budgeting spreadsheets so intense they could win Olympic gold medals, or should we just hope money grows on trees because math isn’t really our strong suit anyway?

• What support system (family, friends) will be involved in our lives after we get married? Are we talking about a close-knit clan that gathers for Sunday dinners and game nights, or more like occasional visits from long-lost cousins who bring weird gifts like pickle-flavored bubblegum?

• Are there any personal values or beliefs that might affect our compatibility as a couple? Should I prepare myself for passionate debates on topics ranging from the meaning of life to whether pineapple belongs on pizza (spoiler alert: it does)?

• How do you handle stress and pressure in your life? Do you have secret techniques involving yoga poses only contortionists can attempt, or are you more likely to run away screaming into the wilderness until your phone battery dies?

• What are your career aspirations, and how do you envision balancing work and family life? Can I expect late-night brainstorming sessions while devouring takeout noodles together, or should I set up camp next to your office desk with an inflatable mattress just in case?

• Are there any specific cultural or social expectations that you feel strongly about upholding within a marriage? Will we be attending every family gathering dressed like royalty, armed with witty comebacks ready to impress even the most judgmental aunties?

• How important is physical intimacy to you, and what are your views on maintaining a healthy sexual relationship in marriage? Should I start practicing acrobatics now so we can keep things spicy well into old age without needing chiropractors on speed dial?

• Do you have any health concerns or conditions that I should be aware of before considering marriage? Is this where I stockpile my first-aid kit filled with Band-Aids for paper cuts all the way to emergency chocolate supplies for those “man-colds”?

• How do you define trust and loyalty within a relationship, and how would you ensure these qualities in our marriage? Shall we exchange fingerprints at the altar as proof of commitment or stick to the good old-fashioned method of open communication and unwavering support?

• Are there any personal habits or preferences that might affect our compatibility as roommates? Will I be waking up to your epic snoring symphony every night, or should I prepare myself for a never-ending battle over who gets more closet space?

• What role does religion play in your life, and how would it impact our daily routines or decision-making processes as a couple? Should we expect holy water sprinklers installed in every corner of the house, or will we find balance between faith and practicality like true spiritual ninjas?

• Have there been instances where you had to compromise for the sake of others’ happiness? If yes, can you provide examples of such situations? Did you ever dress up as a human-sized bunny just to make someone’s birthday party unforgettable (and slightly traumatizing)?

• How open are you to discussing emotional needs, vulnerabilities, and mental well-being with me once we’re married? Can I count on heartfelt conversations at 3 am when sleep eludes us but deep thoughts keep us awake (with occasional bouts of nonsensical giggling)?

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