What Are INFJs Attracted To

• INFJs are attracted to authenticity and genuineness in others because they can spot fake vibes from a mile away, like an intuitive truth-seeking missile locked onto insincerity.

• They are drawn to people who have a strong sense of empathy and compassion because nothing gets their heart racing faster than someone who truly understands the struggles of humanity and is willing to lend a helping hand. It’s like finding a rare unicorn that sprinkles kindness everywhere it goes.

• Intelligence and intellectual stimulation captivate INFJs, as they appreciate deep conversations that make their neurons fire up like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Engaging their minds with thought-provoking discussions is the way to an INFJ’s heart—intellectual foreplay at its finest!

• Emotional depth is highly attractive to INFJs because they crave connections that go beyond surface-level small talk; they want emotional intimacy deeper than the Mariana Trench. Dive into those feelings, my friend, for you shall find yourself embraced by the warm embrace of an INFJ’s affectionate soul.

• Creativity and imagination often catch the attention of an INFJ since they love exploring new ideas and possibilities more than Indiana Jones loves hunting for ancient artifacts. Show them your artistic side or share wild dreams together—it’ll be like embarking on a thrilling adventure through uncharted territories.

•INFJs are attracted to individuals who possess a strong moral compass and values that align with theirs because there’s nothing sexier (figuratively speaking) than being on the same ethical wavelength. Matching virtuous frequencies creates harmony akin to BeyoncĂ© hitting all the right notes in her vocal range.

• They tend to be intrigued by people who demonstrate independence and individuality rather than conforming mindlessly, just like how magnets get inexplicably pulled towards rebellious souls marching against societal norms—a magnetic attraction fueled by nonconformist energy!

•INFJs appreciate people who can provide them with support, understanding, and space for personal growth because let’s face it, they’re like delicate houseplants that need a little TLC. Be their cheerleader, therapist, and partner-in-growth—water them with love and watch them bloom into the most radiant version of themselves.

• INFJs are often attracted to individuals who exhibit a sense of mystery and depth because unraveling enigmatic layers is their jam! They’ll be captivated by you like Sherlock Holmes on a case or Nancy Drew solving mysteries at midnight—a puzzle waiting to be solved in the name of love!

• They appreciate people who demonstrate strong intuition and an ability to understand their unspoken thoughts and emotions since mind-reading skills are not just reserved for superheroes—they can make an INFJ feel seen, heard, and loved without having to utter a single word.

•INFJs tend to be drawn towards individuals with a strong sense of purpose and ambition because driven souls ignite sparks within their own fiery hearts. Like two shooting stars colliding in the night sky, together they create cosmic magic fueled by passion-driven dreams.

• Kindness and compassion play a significant role in attracting an INFJ as they value empathy in others more than puppies cherish belly rubs. Show kindness like it’s going out of style; sprinkle compassion around like confetti—it will melt even the iciest walls surrounding an INFJ’s heart.

• Authenticity is highly attractive to INFJs as if genuine connections were rare gemstones found deep within hidden caves only accessible through secret passageways. Embrace your true self—flaws included—and watch how quickly an INFJ falls head over heels for your beautifully imperfect soul.

•INFJs may find themselves attracted to individuals who share similar values or have a passion for making positive changes in the world because fighting side-by-side against injustice feels exhilaratingly empowering—an unstoppable duo ready to take on any challenge that comes their way!

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