Why would a narcissist leave you for someone else?

• Narcissists often leave their partners for someone else because they crave attention and validation from new sources. It’s like a game of Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pikachu, narcissists are out to catch the next person who can give them an ego boost.

• They may also have a fear of intimacy or commitment, causing them to seek out new relationships instead of nurturing existing ones. Commitment-phobia is real, folks! But when you’re dealing with a narcissist, it’s more like “I’m not afraid of commitment…just committed to finding someone better.”

• If the narcissist feels that their current partner is no longer meeting their needs or providing enough admiration, they may look elsewhere. In other words: “Sorry babe, I need more likes on my Instagram posts than what you’re giving me.”

• The thrill of pursuing and winning over a new romantic interest can be irresistible to some narcissists. It’s all about the chase for these folks – once they’ve caught you (or rather convinced you that they’re worth your time), the excitement fades quickly.

• Narcissists are known for lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others, so leaving a partner for someone else may not seem like a big deal to them. To put it bluntly: if it doesn’t benefit them directly in any way whatsoever then why bother?

• They may view their former partner as inferior or unworthy compared to their new love interest. You know how people say “out with the old and in with the new”? Well for narcissists it goes something along those lines too…but add in some belittling comments about how much better off they are now.

• A narcissist’s constant need for affirmation means that even if they do find happiness with someone new, it likely won’t last long before they start seeking out more attention again. Attention-seeking behavior isn’t just limited to children; adults who are narcissistic can be just as bad (if not worse).

• Narcissists may leave their partners for someone else if they feel that the new person can provide them with more material or financial benefits. “Sorry honey, but you’re not a millionaire yet – I’m moving on to greener pastures.”

• They may also be driven by a desire to prove their attractiveness or desirability to others, using the new relationship as a way of boosting their ego. It’s like when you post your best selfie on Instagram and wait for all those likes and comments telling you how fabulous you look…except it’s an actual human being this time.

• Some narcissists are simply unable to maintain long-term relationships due to deep-seated emotional issues and insecurities. Let’s face it: nobody wants to deal with baggage from previous relationships…especially when it seems like there are enough bags at home already.

• A narcissist’s tendency towards grandiosity means that they may believe themselves entitled to multiple romantic partners at once, leading them to seek out additional relationships even while still in one. Who says monogamy is dead? Well, apparently some narcissists do…

• The thrill of breaking social norms and causing drama can be appealing to some narcissists, making leaving a partner for someone else an exciting prospect. Drama queens aren’t limited solely to high school girls; grown adults who act like teenagers exist too!

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