How to Fake a Relationship on Instagram

• Create a fake Instagram account for your “partner” using a different email address and unique username: Get those creative juices flowing! Craft an alter ego with a catchy name that screams romance, like @LovebirdForever or @CupidStrikesBack.

• Post pictures of you and your partner together, making sure to include captions that imply a romantic relationship: Strike poses that would make Romeo and Juliet jealous! Snuggle up close, hold hands tightly (even if it’s just yours), and caption the photos with sweet nothings like “My love knows no filters… except this one!”

• Use photo editing tools or apps to manipulate images and make it appear as if you are physically together in various locations: Who needs teleportation when Photoshop is at your fingertips? Merge yourself seamlessly into exotic landscapes or famous landmarks—just be careful not to end up in jail for faking Mount Everest selfies.

• Interact with each other’s posts by leaving flirty comments, liking each other’s photos, and tagging each other in relevant content: Shower your virtual sweetheart with public displays of affection! Leave heart-eyed emojis under their pics, write cheesy pickup lines on every post (“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”), and tag them even if they’re only remotely related to the topic.

• Share similar interests and hobbies on your respective profiles to create the illusion of compatibility: Find common ground faster than two peas in an algorithmic pod! If they enjoy knitting sweaters for squirrels while sipping tea made from unicorn tears, well gosh darn it—you do too!

• Collaborate on joint projects or challenges showcasing your “relationship” through shared activities: Teamwork makes the dream work—or so they say. Whip up some DIY crafts together (or pretend) because nothing says #CoupleGoals like glittery macaroni art.

• Respond promptly to direct messages from followers who inquire about your relationship status, maintaining consistency in both accounts’ responses: Be the online relationship guru you were born to be! Craft diplomatic yet mysterious replies that leave people wondering if they’ve stumbled upon a modern-day Romeo and Juliet or just two cats fighting over a piece of lasagna.

• Occasionally post throwback pictures with heartfelt captions reminiscing about past experiences together to reinforce the narrative of a long-lasting connection: Take your followers on an emotional rollercoaster ride down memory lane. Share #TBT moments like “Our first imaginary picnic—forever etched in our hearts, even though it was just us and some ants.”

• Tag each other when attending events separately but want others to believe you were there together: Master the art of teleportation without actually being present! Tagging each other at different locations will make everyone wonder how you manage to be everywhere at once.

• Engage with mutual friends by commenting on their posts where they mention either one of you or tag both accounts simultaneously: Show your squad some love while subtly reinforcing your fake relationship status. Comment things like “Best night ever!” under friend’s photos, leaving everyone guessing who exactly made that night so memorable (hint hint).

• Coordinate your posting schedule with your “partner” to ensure that you both upload photos simultaneously, giving the impression of shared experiences: Sync those virtual watches for maximum impact! Simultaneous uploads create an illusionary harmony as if time itself bends its rules for true Insta-lovebirds.

• Use location tags strategically in posts to imply that you and your partner are spending time together in different places: Turn Instagram into a global treasure hunt! Post pictures from various corners of the world using location tags cleverly chosen to give off vibes like “We’re soulmates exploring parallel universes… because why not?”

• Create a backstory for your relationship by occasionally mentioning how you met or sharing anecdotes about memorable moments as a couple: Spin tales more captivating than Game of Thrones! Describe your meet-cute in vivid detail, like how you both reached for the last avocado at the grocery store and accidentally touched hands—cue fireworks!

• Share screenshots of conversations or video calls with captions suggesting intimate conversations, reinforcing the idea of a close bond: Let others peek into your virtual love nest! Capture snippets of text exchanges that make it seem like you’re discussing deep secrets or sharing inside jokes. Just remember to blur out any embarrassing typos.

• Utilize Instagram Stories to document everyday activities, such as meals or outings, making it seem like you spend significant time together: Turn mundane moments into magical memories! Snap pics of solo adventures but caption them as if they were shared experiences—a solitary burger can become an epic candlelit dinner for two (with extra pickles).

• Occasionally post pictures with friends who can act as supportive characters in your fake relationship narrative: Enlist some trusty sidekicks on this romantic quest! Take group photos where everyone is laughing joyously while subtly positioning yourself next to someone who makes people wonder, “Are they just friends…or something more?”

• Respond positively and lovingly to comments from followers who express admiration for your “relationship,” further convincing others of its authenticity: Embrace those digital hugs tightly and respond with gratitude befitting an Oscar acceptance speech. Shower commenters with affectionate replies that leave no doubt about the power of true Insta-love.

• Avoid contradicting details between accounts, ensuring consistency regarding important dates (anniversaries) or events mentioned on each profile: Keep track better than Santa’s naughty-or-nice list! Maintain meticulous records so that anniversaries never change dates and fictional milestones are etched in stone forever.

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