What Your Social Media Says About Your Relationship

• Frequent posts and tags together indicate a strong bond and active involvement in each other’s lives because let’s face it, if you’re constantly sharing updates about your relationship on social media, it means you can’t get enough of each other! #CoupleGoals

• Sharing romantic photos or messages publicly suggests a desire to showcase the relationship to others. You want the whole world (or at least your friends list) to know that you’ve found “the one” and are living out your own fairytale romance.

• Regular likes, comments, and interactions on each other’s posts demonstrate mutual support and engagement online. It’s like having your very own cheerleading squad right there in the comment section, boosting your ego with every heart emoji or witty remark.

• Consistent use of couple hashtags can signify a shared identity and sense of unity. When you start hashtagging everything from #PowerCouple to #BaeGoals, it shows that you two are not just partners but also an unstoppable force ready to take over the world… or at least dominate Instagram!

• Posting about experiences as a couple reveals an emphasis on creating memories together. From candlelit dinners to adventurous vacations, documenting these moments is like building a scrapbook of love for all your followers (and potential future grandchildren) to see.

• Public arguments or passive-aggressive posts may hint at underlying issues within the relationship. Uh-oh! When those subtweets start flying or cryptic Facebook statuses appear out of nowhere, it might be time for some serious communication instead of virtual drama.

• Excessive posting about being single or flirting with others could suggest dissatisfaction or seeking attention outside the relationship. Let’s call this behavior what it really is: fishing for compliments mixed with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). If someone needs constant validation from strangers online… well, maybe they need more than just double taps!

• Lack of any mention or presence of one partner on social media might raise questions about their level of commitment or exclusivity. If your significant other is nowhere to be found in your online world, it’s natural for people (and nosy Aunt Linda) to wonder if everything is as rosy as you claim.

• Posting frequent couple selfies and affectionate captions indicates a desire to showcase happiness and love. You’re basically saying, “Look at us! We’re so ridiculously cute together that we can’t help but share our adorableness with the universe!”

• Sharing joint accounts or handles signifies a strong sense of partnership and unity in the relationship. When you merge your digital identities into one super-account, it’s like becoming an unstoppable duo fighting against boring relationship norms… or just really enjoying sharing cat videos together!

• Consistently commenting on each other’s posts with inside jokes or pet names shows intimacy and familiarity. Who needs public displays of affection when you have those secret code words that only the two of you understand? It’s like having your very own language right there in the comment section.

• Regularly tagging each other in photos, check-ins, or events demonstrates an active involvement in each other’s lives. Nothing says “I’m invested” quite like making sure everyone knows where bae is 24/7 – whether they want to know or not!

• Publicly expressing gratitude, appreciation, or admiration for one another suggests a deep emotional connection. Those heartfelt paragraphs under anniversary photos are more than just words; they represent all the warm fuzzies bubbling up inside from being head over heels for someone special.

• Following only a select few friends while excluding your partner might indicate privacy concerns within the relationship. Hey now, why keep them hidden away from your virtual circle? Unless they’re secretly Batman (which would be awesome), let them join the party!

• Frequently engaging in public displays of affection through comments or messages can reveal a passionate bond between partners. When you’re not afraid to get a little mushy in the comment section or send flirty messages for all to see, it’s clear that passion is alive and well in your relationship.

• Social media profiles filled with memories from past relationships may imply unresolved feelings or difficulty moving forward. It’s like trying to start a new chapter while leaving bookmarks of old stories everywhere – time to close that book and write a fresh one!

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