How Long Has Polyamory Been Around

• Polyamory has been around for ages, seriously, we’re talking thousands of years here! Ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamians and Greeks were totally down with multiple loving relationships at the same time. They knew how to keep things interesting!

• You won’t believe it, but even way back in the day, folks were getting their poly on. Hindu scriptures like the Kama Sutra actually talked about having more than one lover simultaneously. Talk about an ancient love manual!

• Indigenous cultures across different continents have always known that sharing is caring when it comes to love. They’ve embraced non-monogamy for centuries because they understand the beauty of communal living and shared responsibilities.

• Hold onto your hats because this one’s wild: certain African tribes have been practicing polygamy forever! Yep, men there could have multiple wives all at once. I guess you could say they took “the more, the merrier” quite literally!

• Native American communities also recognized and supported non-monogamous arrangements within their societies long before hashtags or relationship labels came into play.

• Get ready for some royal gossip from China during the Ming Dynasty – emperors had a thing for polyamorous relationships too! Having numerous consorts or concubines was just another perk of being emperor apparently.

• It turns out our ancestors in Europe weren’t shy either when it came to exploring unconventional love lives. Take French writer George Sand as an example; she openly maintained multiple romantic partnerships back in the 19th century while rocking those fabulous Victorian-era outfits.

• The term “polyamory” itself didn’t pop up until relatively recently in human history – think mid-20th century vibes. This modern expression became popularized as people started searching for words to describe their consensual non-monogamous relationships without sounding like total squares.

• But hey now, let’s not forget that people were doing their poly thing long before we had a fancy name for it. Love is timeless, my friend!

• Polyamory really started gaining traction during the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s when everyone was exploring alternative relationship models like they were going out of style (which they weren’t, by the way).

• Fast forward to today, where polyamory has become a legit topic of study in fields like sociology, psychology, and anthropology. It’s not just something people whisper about anymore – it’s got academic street cred!

• Thanks to the internet gods blessing us with forums and social media platforms, online communities dedicated to discussing and supporting polyamorous lifestyles have sprung up everywhere. Finally, folks can connect with others who understand their unique love juggling act!

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