How to Find a Polyamorous Partner

• Attend polyamory meetups and events in your local area to connect with like-minded individuals: Get out there and mingle with the polyamorous crowd! These gatherings are a great way to meet people who share your relationship style. Plus, you’ll get to swap stories about juggling multiple partners while sipping on some fancy cocktails.

• Join online communities and forums dedicated to polyamory, where you can interact with others who are also looking for partners: The internet is a magical place filled with all kinds of niche communities – including ones for us fabulous polys! Dive into these digital hangouts, join discussions, and slide into those DMs (with respect, of course).

• Utilize dating apps that cater specifically to the polyamorous community, such as OkCupid or Feeld: Forget swiping left or right on mainstream dating apps; go straight for the ones designed exclusively for non-monogamous folks like yourself. It’s like finding a treasure trove of potential soulmates!

• Be open about your desire for a polyamorous relationship when meeting new people, whether it’s through friends or social gatherings: Don’t be shy about expressing what floats your boat romantically. Drop hints here and there during conversations at parties or family reunions (maybe not so much at Aunt Martha’s 80th birthday bash), because you never know when Cupid might strike.

• Network within existing polyamorous relationships by expressing interest in joining their dynamic if they’re open to adding another partner: Sometimes it takes knowing someone already involved in consensual non-monogamy to find your perfect match. So put yourself out there as an eligible addition – think of it as applying for the coolest club ever!

• Educate yourself on ethical non-monogamy and communication skills necessary for successful polyamorous relationships, which will attract potential partners who value these qualities: Show off that brainpower by diving deep into books, podcasts, and articles about ethical non-monogamy. Not only will you become a poly guru, but you’ll also attract partners who appreciate your intellectual prowess.

• Attend polyamory conferences or workshops where you can meet individuals who are actively seeking polyamorous relationships: Conferences aren’t just for corporate suits; they’re also the perfect playground for love-seeking polys like yourself! Join these events to learn from experts while potentially finding that special someone in one of those cheesy icebreaker activities.

• Consider joining online dating platforms that specifically cater to the polyamorous community, such as PolyMatchMaker or OpenMinded: Why limit yourself to mainstream apps when there’s a whole digital world tailor-made for us multi-love enthusiasts? Embrace these specialized platforms – it’s like having your own personal cupid algorithm!

• Engage in discussions and share your experiences on social media platforms focused on ethical non-monogamy to connect with potential partners: Social media isn’t just cat videos and food pics; it’s also an excellent platform for connecting with fellow polys. Share your thoughts, engage in lively debates (with respect), and slide into those DMs again (yes, we know this advice is recurring).

• Explore local alternative lifestyle clubs or BDSM communities that may have a significant overlap with the polyamorous community: Sometimes our paths intertwine with other open-minded folks exploring various lifestyles. So why not check out some kink-friendly venues where people might be more likely to embrace multiple loves?

• Seek out professional relationship coaches or therapists who specialize in working with individuals interested in polyamory – they may be able to guide you towards compatible partners: When all else fails, call upon the professionals! Relationship coaches and therapists specializing in consensual non-monogamy can help navigate the complex waters of finding suitable partners while making sure everyone involved feels loved up.

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