“He told me he loves me, now what?”

How should (or shouldn’t) a woman react when she receives a confession of love from a suitor? We interviewed experts asking them this question, below are their answers.

Peggy Yoder, M.A., LMFT Associate:

Love is a verb, more than a feeling. She should consider if his actions match his words. Love means he is willing to act (always) in her best interest. If it feels like pressure for her to respond or submit in a way she’s not comfortable – it’s not love.

Priscilla Rodriguez, M.S. LMFT:

If this occurs and this confession is not one that a woman wants, then she shouldn’t entertain it. Quickly share that this is not the type of relationship that was intended. It will be awkward in this situation and that is okay. If this is something that a woman is wanting to hear and shares similar feelings, then go for it! Share that you are happy to hear this and that the feelings are mutual.

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