When a man is vulnerable with you

Vulnerability is a key ingredient of a lasting relationship. It is what develops intimacy and trust between partners. However, men and women are driven by their fear of being vulnerable with their partner. They fear that exposing their true personality might scare off them off. They believe that maintaining a safe distance from each other creates a safety net for them and enables them to able to rule over their own emotions. They fear that revealing their true nature is shameful.

There are a lot of misconceptions about vulnerability which makes people fear it. Associating it with being weak or submissive is one of many on the list. Maybe that is one reason some guys find it unmanly to be vulnerable, which is wrong in so many ways. First of all, it requires a huge amount of courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Second, revealing yourself to another person involves incredible strength. Third, being emotionally exposed is bravery in its purest form.

You will know how serious he is with you when you observe his actions. You will be able to tell his true intentions with your relationship. Evaluate whether your man shows signs of vulnerability.

When do you know that he is showing you his vulnerable side?

When he wants to learn more about you

When he is willing to listen to you it means he wants a deeper relationship. When he is trying to get to know you, he is not only after your backstory but wants to know about your feelings too. He wants to let you know he can be there for you emotionally as well. To be emotionally connected with you, he must first try to understand you. He is not interested in the superficial things about you, but your whole personality.

When he shares about his past

A man only opens himself to someone when he is very comfortable with that person. That means when he shares with you some personal things about him, he is welcoming you in his life. He wants you to know more about himself so you could understand him better. When two people are free to tell each other about their past, it makes their bond stronger. With knowing each other’s personalities, they grasp the other person’s whole being.

When shows you his true nature

Not being afraid to show you what he really is takes a lot of courage. It means he is willing to be seen without a mask on. He does not want to pretend to be someone else because he wants you to know his authentic personality. He is not afraid to show you who he really is for he allowed himself to be vulnerable with you. And being vulnerable is about taking risks. He is taking the risk of showing his true nature to you, even when he is uncertain whether you are going to accept what he truly is or not.

When he seeks for your help

Some men think that it is necessary to act and be strong in front of their woman. What they don’t know is that most women think that men who ask for help from their partners are the bravest. When he needs your help and let’s you know about it, he is dropping his ego. He does not think that he has to be the only one who should be strong in a relationship. He does not think of you as a weak woman. He treats you as his equal. Even though it’s just to seek for advice for a tiny problem, it shows that he cares so much about your opinion.

When he tells you what’s on his mind

It’s hard to tell what goes on in a man’s mind because they hardly tell anything. That’s why you are extremely lucky when your man starts to tell you what’s on his mind. No more guessing games about what he is thinking. He will tell you when something bothers him, when something upsets him, when something irritates him. When he is vocal about what he thinks it just means that he is being real. He is not holding back his thoughts because he wants a real and mature relationship with you.

When he lets you know how he feels

When your man starts to express his emotions, that means he is willing to be vulnerable with you. If he is being real with you about his emotions, it means that he values your relationship. He wants to establish a relationship where both of you are free to tell each other what you truly feel. With his vulnerability, intimacy surrounds the relationship. It keeps the spark in your love life alive. This is what is needed in a healthy, mature relationship.
Check whether your man shows you anything that is mentioned above. When he passes at least one of these signs, it means he is taking a step towards vulnerability. Keep hoping that he fully embraces his vulnerable side. You’ll know he is the one when he makes it through.

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